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Don’t Let the Holiday Season Slow You Down

I can’t believe it’s already the end of October. The weather is getting colder, ski season is quickly approaching, and excitement is building with the holidays right around the corner! I’ve always felt that the fall is a great time of year to take care of all those pesky yearlong projects that I never got […]


Have you ever wanted to accept Visa/Mastercard? There’s an App for that.

Have you ever split a meal with a friend? Or maybe taken a taxi somewhere with a buddy? Unless you’re agoraphobic or just REALLY unlikeable, I’m going to assume you have.  You’ve also probably experienced that awkward moment when neither of you really have enough cash to divide the check evenly so one person pays […]


Today’s top technology myths. Fact or fiction?

I recently read an article, “Technology’s Biggest Myths” on MSNBC that described some of the biggest myths of technology today and assessed whether they were true or not. I was fairly skeptical but it was actually a pretty good article and cleared up a number of things I wasn’t aware of.  Go ahead, go read […]