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According to, the median salary for a business IT professional in NYC is $70,000 a year – not including non-wage compensation, which averages an additional 30%! That’s a lot of money, especially for small businesses whose IT needs are few and far between. And apart from the direct cost, managing an IT department takes time away from the parts of your business that directly impact your bottom line. Instead, let LaptopMD+ take over your IT needs with our managed IT service. Managed IT means we get to worry about making sure your electronic assets are working, and not you. That lets you focus on the things that make your business great. Instead of paying one employee to be on-hand, waiting for something to go wrong, you can get a diverse team of experts – and pay significantly less. Amazing service and expertise when you need it (and only when you need it). Cheaper, faster turnaround (experts fix things faster!), and less management overhead: That’s the LaptopMD+ Managed IT difference!

Available When You Need Us

We're IT guys so we get what you need for your IT needs: responsiveness, dependability, and dedication.


We're business guys as well, so we know what you need for your business: cost savings, efficiency, and time-saving approaches.


We’re your type of guys - we know our tech, we're available when you need us, and we're committed to seeing your business succeed as much as ours.  For needs so important, why take chances with hiring a large conglomerate company to outsource your IT needs who is only looking to beef up their bottom-line?


We’re available when you need us - give us a call or request more information!

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Best Buy and Staples promise you ‘geeks’ in suits and ties who will meet your needs at a price that you can 'afford'.  Others tell you that they’ll be there for you when you need them but they fail to tell you that they’re owned by the cable company, with their infamous response times.




When we manage your IT needs, we deliver the most competitive rates in New York City with response times that keep you from watching the clock.  Our technicians aren’t high school or college graduates but are trusted and certified to make repairs – something you would expect for an IT department.

Our convenient location allows us to get to all five boroughs in less than one hour, sometimes less.

Region First Hour Each Additional Hour
Manhattan $150 $120
Queens $150 $120
Brooklyn $150 $120
Bronx $150 $120
Staten Island $150 $120
New Jersey $150 $120
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*Price for 1st hour includes a full diagnosis of the problem before work is started.

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Other Things You Should Know

FAQ's about Managed IT

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How much does a Laptop repair cost?
LaptopMD+ offers free estimates on all repair services!
What Services Does LaptopMD+ Offer?
LaptopMD+ not only repairs laptops and computers but we also offer iPhone repair, data recovery and other related services. Check out our services page for a detailed listing of the services that we provide.
Do you offer repair service in areas other than New York?
LaptopMD+ offers onsite support in all five boroughs of Manhattan with additional support available in North New Jersey. Additionally, LaptopMD+ offers our unique concierge service to businesses and individuals looking to have their computer picked up and repaired below 100th Street in Manhattan. If you’re located outside of New York City, you can use our nationwide mail-in service from any location in the country.