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A History of Service

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at 2011.09.06

As an IT Manager at JP Morgan Chase in the 1990’s, LaptopMD+ owner Arthur Zilberman saw inherent weaknesses in the structure of computer service vendors that he worked with and the services that they provided.  Most computer repair companies lacked (and still lack) the basic amenities busy professionals expect such as professional expertise and knowledge, same-day service, free estimates, and attention to the needs and priorities of the customer.  Arthur believed that the customer deserved a much higher level of service that even the big name companies like Geek Squad did not provide.  A computer repair company, he reasoned, should exist that moved at the pace of New York’s busy professionals. In 2000, Arthur had the opportunity to start a company that did just that.

Arthur leveraged his experiences as a corporate IT Manager and built a laptop repair company which today is LaptopMD+.  The entire team at LaptopMD+ puts the customer front and center because, like Arthur, we know how we would want our computer repair treated and we would expect nothing less from a vendor of ours. The customer’s time is sacred and LaptopMD+ exists as a computer repair company offering free estimates, same day service, and a customer experience that outpaces even the “big boys” like Best Buy’s Geek Squad and Staples’ Easy Tech. Unlike those other guys, we don’t believe you should pay a dime until your computer is back up and running and you’re 100% satisfied with our repair job.