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  • 5 star Review Friendly and Professional Computer Service

    Friendly and professional, not pushy at all, didn't make me (the non-computer speak type) feel like a moron, VERY convenient hours and accessible location, fixed my laptop very fast. A+. Dropped off my laptop in the evening, got a call the next early afternoon with my explanation & estimate - Clearly explained what was wrong, what needed to be done and my options. Turned out I needed a new hard drive, quote was $250 for the job. Laptop is fast and works great, can't ask for anything more. Thanks!

    Reviewed by Adina P.
  • 5 star Review iPhone Repairs… Won’t Disappoint

    I just left this place after having to get my cracked iPhone 3GS screen replaced. After mentioning Yelp (a special they have that's also being offered if you check-in on Foursquare) I received 10% off the $59 repair. Though, after tax, I spent nearly $60 anyway. Regardless, it's the best price that I've seen by far, and beats the hell out of Apple's reportedly $99-$200 (depending on who you talk to). The wait time was short, about 15 minutes, and the transaction was smooth. I was in, out, and back on the train to Long Island in no time. Which reminds me of how conveniently located it is: Right down the street from Penn Station. I can't speak much to their computer repairs, but if their iPhone repairs are any indication, then they probably won't disappoint. I highly recommend them.

    Reviewed by Amadeo P.
  • 5 star Review A Painless Encounter

    A painless encounter (difficult when it comes to computer repair). Arthur is professional and knows that even though his business is repairing computers, customer service is just as important.

    Reviewed by Aaron R.
  • 5 star Review Laptop Repair on Christmas Eve (in 24 Hours!)

    LaptopMD was able to fix my daughter's laptop within 24 hours ON CHRISTMAS EVE!!!! I had accidentally knocked it off the table and it crashed the hard drive. They transferred the data and had it working like new within my time frame. They were very professional and worked with me to have the laptop ready for her when she returned on Christmas 2010. I mentioned Yelp and they DID give me a 10% discount. Highly recommended!

    Reviewed by Amy A.


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  • 5 star Review Lightning Fast Quality Service

    My iPhone suffered a spill and the screen had shattered. Have Easy Tech no worries right? WRONG! Apple wouldn’t cover the damage and wanted an astronomical amount of money just to replace the screen. (Same price as a phone?!) Thank goodness for Laptop MD . The knowledgeable staff is kind and courteous and had me fixed and on my way in 15 minutes. The service is excellent and I would recommend them to anyone with the same issue.

    Reviewed by PDidee
  • 5 star Review Great Results for Not A Lot of Money

    I brought my laptop into Laptop MD when my hard drive crashed and I thought all was lost. Luckily, I found Laptop MD online, and immediately brought my laptop in. They gave me a quote in less than 5 minutes, and told me that they would get me a new laptop working within a day. However, they were upfront that they couldn't guarantee getting all my of my information off my old harddrive. Not the news I wanted to hear, but was glad that they were honest with me. They had my laptop working with all my old information off of it within a week and for exactly the amount they quoted me. I would strongly recommend using them for any problem, and I will definitely use them again if I need them.

    Reviewed by Mubigoofer
  • 5 star Review Great View! Great service!

    Since it was my first time going to LaptopMD+, I was kind of weary about going up to the 12th floor of this building. When I got into the office, though, I could see why they chose this location! What a view of The NY Post office! I liked the fact that as you walk in you get to see the techs working on everything. I pulled out my laptop that had crashed, and they transfered all the data, and reinstalled windows and it was all done for less than $200 when "Best" buy had quoted me over $300 for a similar job on my last computer.....and they didn't give me a free quote like LaptopMD+. Needless to say, I was fed up with Geeksquad and I'm glad I chose LaptopMD.

    Reviewed by beachbabe10014
  • 5 star Review Best Laptop Help Ever!

    I'm very appreciative of LaptopMD for the outstanding service they provided. My laptop had multiple, troubling problems, preventing me from using it at all. The wonderful people at LaptopMD completely solved everything, and they did it quickly. And they were very kind and patient, allowing me to stay there for some time so that I could check over everything to make sure all my files were still there and safe. I am very grateful for LaptopMD, and I will highly recommend them to everyone I can.

    Reviewed by AliceMG

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