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REAL PEOPLE finding REAL HELP at LaptopMD+. That’s the core of our business. When it comes to computer services in New York City, LaptopMD+ stands out from the rest of the pack. We’ve posted a few of our favorite reviews below, but for the real story, hear what our customers have to say.

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  • 5 star Review Laptop hinge fixed

    I needed my laptop hinge/back panel fixed. Service was prompt, informative, professional, and respectful. They did charge a lot, but explained the cost breakdown and the fact that the cost of the part needed for the repair drove up the price. The technician had seen the issue before with my specific model and gave me tips on handling my laptop to prevent it happening again. I'd definitely recommend these people to anyone - they know their stuff!

    Reviewed by Deepa C.
  • 5 star Review iPhone5 screen replacement

    A cracked iPhone 5 is not fun and a huge pain when trying to use your smart phone for anything! LaptopMD was recommended by a friend. They were fast, friendly and cheaper than other places I researched. They have a great deal where you buy $25 voucher for $10. That's $15 off any device. To fix my iPhone5 screen was originally $95 with the $25 it was only $70 +tax. Nick I believe his name was super nice and fixed my phone in 5 min!!!! What a great experience! Thanks guys!

    Reviewed by Tony J.
  • 4 star Review Flash drive recovery

    I went to laptop MD to see if they could retrieve the data from my USB flash drive, and I'm happy to say they were successful! It cost $300, and I purchased their yelp deal for a little discount. They performed the service in a timely manner and uploaded my data on a CD. I was able to review the CD before paying. The staff was friendly and helpful. I appreciated their communication. I received texts and e-mails to confirm the job and to let me know when the job was completed.

    Reviewed by Amanda A.
  • 5 star Review Nexus 4 repair

    Went to repair a nexus 4 with a cracked screen and they helped me in 30min! It cost me 109$. Very professional and courteous staff! Would definitely recommend

    Reviewed by Magali T.

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  • 5 star Review Macbook Air trackpad

    Fastest repair , ever ! I had a broken trackpad on my Mac Air. in and out the same day ! they texted me on completion. Great job.

    Reviewed by Steven Robinson
  • 4 star Review Great service!

    Quote took longer than expected. but these guys did a good job of delivering on the specific date and under the quoted price. Also a convenient location and nice office space. Legit business.

    Reviewed by Evan Thomas
  • 5 star Review Discount price

    Great experience. Quick and easy, in and out in under 30 mins. Very friendly. I had a broken Iphone 5 screen, apple was going to charge me $130 for the repair but LaptopMD charged me $75 with 2 discount codes. I will uses them again.

    Reviewed by Morgann Daniels
  • 5 star Review Better than BestBuy!

    Loads better than corporate america Best Buy. Fast and convenient. I would definitely recommend LaptopMD+ for all computer and cell phone repairs.

    Reviewed by Aaron Dalla Villa
  • 5 star Review iPhone screen

    Got my iPhone 5 screen replaced for $70 using a Yelp coupon and now it's good as new. Speedy service and friendly staff. Only thing is a lot of stuff was out of stock when I went. Would've liked to purchase a case and screen protector for my phone but they were all out.

    Reviewed by Melody Ko

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