Computer Water Damage Repair

Best Desktop Computer Water Damage Repair In NYC

Water and electronics don't mix...except by accident. If you spill something on your computer, bring it by and we'll dry it out and get it fit for use again.

Computers and water just don’t mix. If you spilled water on your computer (or any other liquid, for that matter), don’t panic. Just try these simple steps to prevent as much damage as possible:





There’s no “typical case” for liquid damage repair. Sometimes we only need to replace the keyboard, sometimes the liquid completely kills the motherboard. But whatever the damage, our technicians are very skilled at reviving liquid damaged computers, or getting your data if it’s too late for the laptop. Once your computer dries off a little, bring it by LaptopMD+ or fill out our online quote form for a free diagnostic and estimate on any repair work that may be needed.

Computer Water Damage Repair FAQ

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How Much Does a Repair Estimate Cost?
LaptopMD+ offers free estimates on all repair services!
What Services Does LaptopMD+ Offer?
LaptopMD+ not only repairs laptops and computers but we also offer iPhone repair, data recovery and other related services. Check out our services page for a detailed listing of the services that we provide.
Who do I contact if I have press/blogging inquiries?
LaptopMD+ is happy to make itself available to members of the press as well as bloggers. Contact Alex Mouravskiy at

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