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iTouch Repair Service In NYC. The Best In Town

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iPhones and iPads are nice, but what about the humble iTouch? We offer iTouch repair too. From replacing screens to swapping out batteries, LaptopMD+ has been doing iTouch repair since before they were called the iTouch. We cover all manner of iTouch repair on:

Please note – We do not repair classic iPods or iTouch 1/1st Generation iTouch. These devices have depreciated enough in price that performing an iTouch repair on one of them would likely be more expensive than simply replacing them with a newer model.

Fees and Estimates LaptopMD Staples Best Buy Apple
Turn Around Time Same day\Next day
Available for most repairs
3-4 Days 3-4 Days 2-3 days
Same Day Service $45
Available on most repairs
No $100 Depends on location
Price $75
Not included for specific, time intensive repairs
$69 $69

Take a look at the iTouch repair services we offer below, or fill out our online quote form for a free diagnosis and estimate on your iTouch repair.

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