Laptop Touchpad Repair

Help… My Laptop Touchpad Won’t Work


Broken laptop touch-pads present a unique problem from other laptop mouse repairs: they’re built into the body of the laptop, making repair and replacement at home almost impossible for any but the most sure DIYers. Nevertheless, there are some steps you can try at home to see if you can get your laptop to a useable state until you can fix the main problem.





If that doesn’t work…

Bring it in to LaptopMD+ or fill out our free quote form. Our techs will get back to you within 24 hours with a diagnosis and an estimate for fixing your problem.

Laptop Touchpad Repair FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about this and related tech:

How Much Does a Repair Estimate Cost?
LaptopMD+ offers free estimates on all repair services!
What Services Does LaptopMD+ Offer?
LaptopMD+ not only repairs laptops and computers but we also offer iPhone repair, data recovery and other related services. Check out our services page for a detailed listing of the services that we provide.
Seriously, how much are repair estimates; where is the fine print?
LaptopMD+ delivers completely free estimates and we will even persuade you not to get the repair work done if the cost of the repair is greater than or equal to the cost of a new computer/device.

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