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LaptopMD+ is the city’s most trusted computer services company. Computer repair isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are. Over the last decade, we have gotten a reputation as the premier PC doctor because of our PC repair skills. We’re here to help the customer because we know you come first. And here are some of the reasons why you should check us out!

Desktop Computer Repair LaptopMD Staples Best Buy
Memory Upgrade $79 $130 $150**
Data Transfer $99 ~$300 ~$200
Virus Removal $99 ~$300 ~$300
OS Reinstall w/o HDD $99 N/A N/A
Power Supply Repair $149 ~$300 ~$300
Fan Repair w/o Fan $99 ~$300 ~$300
Motherboard Repair $189 ~$300 ~$300

We are the LaptopMD, but we still service the predecessor! Our industry certified engineers are equipped to handle any kind of personal computer! From dell computers for the business professional to highly optimized gaming systems, we can cure whatever ailments exist! Our BBB accredited service has become renown in the NY tech community because of our belief in personalized service. For example:

Our free “while you wait” estimates – Where other services charge you just to come in or take forever to give you a word, LaptopMD guarantees a free, instant estimate for any service we offer?

We’re open seven days a week – You don’t have to wait for a “business day” to get your computer cured, we’re always in business at LaptopMD!

Same day service – You don’t want your tower sent off to a factory, potentially wiped of data, not knowing when you’ll get it back. Bring your computer in the morning before work, come back afterwards and it will be ready!

Affordable rates – Don’t waste time with services that charge exponentially higher than they need for a service. We always offer fast, competitive rates!

We know that computer repair problems come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever computer problem you need fixed, we can help! Check out our repair categories below to find exactly the kind of computer repair service you are looking for, or fill out a quote form and one of our trained managers will be happy to help!

Desktop Repair

Additional types of repairs we offer in this category:

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