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Viruses or malware? Let us bring your computer back to perfect health!

Viruses, malware, and spyware, oh my. The internet can be a scary place. It’s even scarier when you realize that most commercial anti-virus software programs don’t catch all of the icky gunk that tries to infect your computer. In an ideal world, proper internet browsing and email habits would keep you safe and your machine clean, but we all know that making sure that you only go to safe sites and download safe attachments is difficult, especially if a friend of yours is infected and begins to send out virus-laden emails.

So what are the different threats facing your computer, and what do they mean for you?


So how can you tell if you have a virus? Some common signs include:
  • Your computer is running unusually poorly or your internet connection seems to be significantly slower than normal.
  • You get pop-ups with advertising while you are browsing the web, and sometimes even if you don’t have a web browser open.
  • Your web browser constantly redirects you to sites that look like spam or advertising, or common and popular sites like Google or Bing are replaced with shady-looking search portals.
  • While browsing, the browser behaves oddly, such as words on web pages suddenly turning into links for advertising.
  • You suspect that your identity has been stolen or you notice fraudulent charges on your credit cards.
  • Your friends report getting strange emails from you that you don’t remember sending.
  • Your computer becomes unusable or you can’t access your programs, or your icons get replaced with spam.


If you suspect you have a malware infection on your computer, don’t panic. First, disconnect your computer from the web so that no more of your information can be stolen. Then, bring it by LaptopMD+. Our computer and laptop repair technicians are pros at isolating and removing viral and other infections, and will make sure your computer and your data is safe and virus free.


Do NOT click on pop-ups that say you have a virus and need to purchase antivirus software. This is a common scam, and entering your private information in the provided form will NOT fix your problem. Bring it by LaptopMD+ immediately for a thorough cleaning.

Virus, spyware, trojans, and malware: the internet a dangerous place. That's why the laptop doctor is here with a shot of pc-cillin to clear you up.

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