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Matt Ham

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at 2011.08.22

Matt started as a floor manager at LaptopMD+ in January of 2010 and moved up the ladder quickly as LaptopMD+’s Chief Financial Officer.  Matt, a Columbia graduate with a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering with a Focus in Energy Systems, has a strong background in computer repair with 9 years of experience working on the hardware support team at SAS and has been working hands on with computers his whole life.  Matt prides himself in being self taught and, though he lacks specific computer or technical schooling, has taught himself programming and software coding skills and has gone on to become industry certified in multiple technical areas.  Matt is in charge of managing the staff and oversees all finances and business operations.

Certifications: Certified by Dell (4+ years)

Specialties: Business Development and Operations Management

Super Human Strength: Matt hasn’t been sick since he was 9 years old