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20 Useful Computer Shortcuts!

Everyone knows CTRL+ALT+DELETE. I think even Apple users have tried it a couple times. Windows’ famous keyboard combination for rebooting your computer actually started as an internal “Easter egg”, only meant for Microsoft engineers and developers. Word of the combination got out though, and the rest is history.

Though CTRL+ALT+DELETE is well known, there are many other shorthand combinations that can users just don’t know about. Here’s a brief list for you!



Command+Down – Opens your selected icon.
Command+W – Closes current window
Command+ T – Adds website to Favorites
Command+ P – Opens the “Print” window
Command+ Shift + G – Takes a total screenshot and saves it as a PICT file
Command+ F – Opens the “Find” Dialog
Option+Command+ESC – Force quit all Applications
Command+Control+Eject – Quit all applications and restart
Command+Option+Control+Eject – Quit all applications and shut down
Command + M – Minimize window



Alt+Tab – Switch between open applications
Alt+Double-Click or Enter – Displays properties for highlighted icon
Alt+Print Screen – Takes a screenshot of the active program (not the entire screen)
Ctrl+Shift+Esc – Opens the Task Manager window
Shift+Del – Delete any file “permanently”, without placing it in the recycle bin
Alt+F4 – Closes Current Program
F5 – Refreshes web page in browser

Hold Shift while inserting an audio or data CD to prevent it from playing or running

Rapidly pressing F8 while powering on computer will have it open in Safe Mode
And there are many more. Hopefully this newfound information will increase your productivity and help give your mouse a little bit more rest!