Best Netbooks Under $300

Lets take a look at some wallet friendly netbooks priced under $300….

Netbooks mainly cater to people who spend most of their time dealing with online services and want a cheap, light device they can use on the go.  During the recession netbook sales have risen sharply giving consumers portability at an unbeatable bargain. Every major computer manufacturer has come out with their own netbook model ranging from $250 to $600. Lets take a look at three popular models which won’t put a strain on your budget.

1. eMachines Black 10.1″ eM350-2074 Netbook PC  running Windows XP Home $258.99

Features & Specs

  • Intel Atom N450 processor 1.66GHz,
  • 1GB DDR2 system memory
  • 160GB SATA hard drive –
  • 10.1″ LED widescreen display
  • Built-in 1.3 megapixel Webcam
  • 3-cell lithium-ion battery

Overall the eMachines is a good basic netbook with a 1-year parts and labor limited warranty. This netbook is currently available at Walmart priced at $258.

2. Toshiba Mini Notebook NB 255

The Toshiba has identical specs as the eMachines except for two major benefits.

  • Double the battery life with a 6-cell lithium-ion battery (6 hrs)
  • New Windows 7 OS rather than Windows XP
  • The Toshiba is priced at $299.
3.  Asus Eee PC- unbeatable price for one of the most popular netbooks on the market.

This netbook is normally priced at $299. Tiger Direct is offering a $60 off discount bringing the price down to $239.99. If you’re looking for an even greater bargain, Laptop MD has an ever changing inventory of refurbished laptops and netbooks starting at only $99. Give us a call or stop by to inquire about our current inventory.

Why doesn’t my new car have an iPod dock?

iPod Car Mount
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I’ve been wondering, for a while now, why iPod docks aren’t standard features in new cars.  I’m not sure how long it takes car manufacturers to catch up to current technology but I expected to start seeing this trend years ago. Here’s what I’m thinking…

First of all, everybody already has an iPod. A recent study has shown that 100% of Americans now own at least two iPods or iPhones. Shocking, isn’t it? Okay well, I might have made that up but it doesn’t change the fact that almost everyone I know already seems to own one. Whether it’s a Nano, a Shuffle, or an iEverything (Release date TBD), we all have one.

Second of all, it won’t change the price that much.  If you’re already paying $15-50k for a car, what’s another hundred bucks to plug in your iPod? Nothing. Plus, car buyers flock to features like this and I’m sure the Fords and Chryslers of the world would make back any added costs through the additional sales.

So why not?

Hands Free iPhone Car Dock
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Is it because of cup holders? Sure a dozen cup holders might be useful if you’re taking your kids entire soccer team to an away game, but the rest of time that’s just too many cup holders. Couldn’t we turn some of that valuable cup holder real estate into an iPod dock zone?
There are plenty of companies out there making a fortune on customized solutions for this problem. I’ve seen all kinds of rigs that attach to your dashboard or even mount to the windshield. With all that ingenuity out there, you’d think the car manufacturers would notice?

What do you think? Leave me a comment and tell me if you’re on board with this idea too!

The LaptopMD Experience

LaptopMD LogoWhen you bring us your laptop, iPhone, or other computer device for repair we do not take the responsibility, you entrust us with, lightly.  We know that your computer is important to you and we treat every device as if it were our own.  LaptopMD is a laptop repair service center that has built its reputation on the prompt, reliable, and trust-worthy computer repair service provided to individuals and businesses in New York City and beyond for over 10 years.  Instead of the ‘by the book’ approach to service that bigger corporate entities provide, at LaptopMD we strive to provide you with personalized and prompt repair service, rather than asking you to unnecessarily spend more money, like the ‘big guys’ might.

Our customers know that they can trust us to be quicker and more reliable than similar services provided by Best Buy and Staples.  Unlike Best Buy and Staples, we will not sugar coat your repair problem, provide misleading repair information, ask you to ‘upgrade’ to a new computer (rather than fixing the actual problem), or expect you to wait more than one business day to fix most ‘simple’ computer problems.  These are all situations that many of our customers have experienced before they found us and we hope that you too will find out what LaptopMD has to offer. Continue reading

What’s the most valuable part of your laptop?

Whether you’re buying a new laptop or fixing an old one, one thing you’re probably very conscious of is price.  But do you really know how all that money you’re spending gets allocated?  And for that matter, what IS the most valuable part of your laptop? Is it the screen? Maybe it’s that super expensive Intel processor you bought? Or is it something else entirely…

If you said ‘DATA!’ then you’re probably right.  At LaptopMD, the most distraught customers we see are those with data loss.  Whether it’s family photos, your iTunes collection, or Excel spreadsheets for work, we often don’t realize how valuable our data is until we lose it.  This leads me to another good point:


If you aren’t backing up all of your valuable data in at least one place NOT on your laptop’s hard drive then you’re at risk! Backing up your data is the best way to avoid that sharp twang in your stomach when you realize your vacation pictures from the last two years are gone for good.  That being said, when presented with data loss you almost always have data recovery options available to you. It’s not cheap though, and you can end up paying anywhere from $99-$2500 depending on the level of damage.

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A hundred bucks can get you some basic software solutions for bringing your data back.  If you’ve got any kind of physical damage or platter damage though, you’re looking at the $1000+ solutions. Imagine a clean room with giant machinery built specifically to read data off dissected hard drives.  They’ll take the data plates out, soak them in patented aqueous solutions and recover every 1 and 0 they can.  Yeah, it’s intense.

While it’s typically the corporate clients who NEED those lost documents that opt for the pricey, extreme solutions, there’s one practice that can help everyone.  Have I mentioned it before?


As much as we love your business, we’d prefer to be selling you external hard drives instead of telling you your data is toast. That being said, I think I’ll end on a shameless plug. J  If you DO experience any data loss, we are here to help! Bring your laptop in and we’ll get back any and everything that is physically possible.

Protect Your Laptop, Computer, and Smartphone From Malware

Computer Malware
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Malware, or Malicious Software, is a computer program or computer code designed to secretly access your computer system with deceptive intent. Malware is typically disguised as a program that you download from the internet or is installed on your computer without your knowledge. Malware can come in the form of a computer virus, a computer worm (self-replicating), a trojan horse (programs that on the outside appear to do something other than what they do), spyware, adware and even basic computer code. Malware can steal personal information stored on your computer, open your computer to further attack, or allow other deceptive practices toward you and your computer system. You may have malware on your computer and not even know it. Many malware programs look like otherwise legitimate programs but carry with them deceptive intent. Your laptop, computer, and/or smartphone are all susceptible to malware.

In 2008, Symantec, the company behind the popular Norton Anti-virus program, suggested that the rate of malicious code and programs being spread through the Internet may be exceeding that of legitimate programs. Due to its rampant nature, it is important for you to protect yourself and your computer from the malicious intent of Malware.  Continue reading to learn more about Malware and how to protect your computer/device from malicious intent. Continue reading

Great FREE Tools For Protecting Kids Online

Now that the summer has come to a close kids everywhere are gearing up for back to school. As school starts, your kid’s computer usage is sure to rise. Whether they’re working on projects, doing homework, or just surfing the web, protecting your kids online activity should be a big priority. With technology changing so quickly it is important to be aware of the growing list of hazards in cyberspace. This post will outline some great resources to keep your kids safe when they’re out surfing the world wide web.

It’s good to review your family’s set of Internet usage guidelines.  Make sure your child knows how to be safe, responsible, and respectful online. Reiterate the rules you have set in the past and also discuss any rules set by your child’s school.

Continue reading

Check out Apple’s totally redesigned iPods!

Its been an exciting week as Apple unveiled their newly redesigned iPod line up at their annual event on Wednesday. According to Steve Jobs, “It’s the biggest change in the iPod line ever.”
Below you’ll find details on their three main models and the new changes you can expect. Fans of the iPod classic and its clickwheel can still rejoice since Apple has kept the product alive after fears of it being discontinued. When it comes to storage the iPod classic is still the king with 160GB of storage.

new nano shuffle touch

iPod Touch

The new iTouch is turning into a mirror image of the iPhone 4. The new version will have a front facing camera for FaceTime video chat as well as another camera on the back. The 8GB model will be priced at $229. Thats up from the $199 Apple used to charge for the previous model. The 32GB is priced at $299 and $399 for the 64GB.


iPod Nano

The biggest design change Apple has made all year is surely with the Nano. The new iPod loses the buttons and goes to a full touch screen design. Apple has practically shrunk the Nano by half and also took out the camera they introduced last year. Video playback which has also become a popular feature has been removed from the new iPod. This will likely drive consumers to upgrade to the iTouch which comes equipped with both of those features. The pricing on the Nano has not changed and remains at $149/$179 for the 8GB/16GB versions.


iPod Shuffle

The smallest in the iPod line has gotten even smaller coming in at 1.14 inches in height compared to the previous 1.8. Apple is also offering the Shuffle at an all time low price of $49 for the 2GB version. The shuffle also gets the buttons back which were integrated in the headphones on the previous model. The new Shuffle will also have voice capabilities which allow it to speak your playlists and even tell you when your battery is running low.


iPhone Repair New York ™ which is a division of LaptopMD is closely monitoring all the technical changes in the new iPods and will be ready to offer quick and easy repairs like we always have. We still charge less than half the price Apple charges with our usual lighting fast turnaround. We provide free repair estimates while you wait and we won’t charge you anything unless we perform a repair. If we can’t fix your iPod or iPhone, we won’t charge you anything. This is the iPhone Repair New York ™ guarantee. Call our repair specialists today or visit our Manhattan iPhone repair center.

new ipod touch