No Tail-Fins, No Whitewalls, Plenty of Chrome: Chrome Cr-48 Review

I’ve been told by Google that we are entering a new age of computing. I’ve been told that it’s time to throw away legacy apps and soar full-speed into the cloud. I’ve been told that this is the future and anyone who doesn’t jump on board is a relic destined to be nothing more than a footnote in computing history. I think Google is trying a little too hard. I’ve had a Google Docs account since they went public, a Picasa and Flickr account since long before that. While some people struggle to embrace the lack of an OS, my generation has grown up with the cloud and we’ve been ready for a long time now.

Google Cr-48 notebook

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How is Your Laptop Like Felix Ungar? They Both Work Best When Things Are Clean.

From late-night Cheeto-powered gaming to breakfast-sandwich-in-hand commuter computing, laptops attract a lot of dirt, dust, crumbs, and various other bits of their owners’ debris. Add to that the air circulation system inside your computer, usually powered by at least one fan, and it’s tendency to suck in dust faster than Hoovering the Sahara, and you have a recipe for a mess inside your laptop. Not surprisingly, computers don’t like this at all. From dust clogging the fan and causing your system to run hot (which burns out critical components VERY quickly) to sticky liquids causing shorts or acting as magnets for other dirt, a messy laptop can cause all sorts of very expensive problems. You would not believe how many customers bring us their computers only to discover that all of their problems could have been prevented with a good cleaning now and then.

Luckily for you, several of our brave computers have agreed to undergo surgery so you can see how it’s done.

Asus EeePC ready for a laptop cleaning
Victim #1: An EeePC Ready for Cleaning

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…and Just In Time, Too!

Because people needed more reasons to jump ship from AT&T to Verizon once the iPhone4 hits their shelves, a new lawsuit alleges that AT&T might have been overstating data use by customers…by as much as 300%.

The suit, filed Jan. 27th by Patrick Hendricks, an iPhone owner on AT&T’s low-tier data plan, claims that Hendricks and his attorneys used an independent consultant to accurately asses data transfer on AT&Ts network and compared it to the data transfer recorded on the wireless carriers statement, reaching the conclusion that most data transfers were overstated by 7-14%, and in some cases going as high as 300%.

This is a huge deal since ATT discontinued their unlimited data plans last June and switched to a capped, tiered system, with hefty penalties for going over your monthly cap by so much as one kilobyte.

With Verizon offering true unlimited data plans, and with this lawsuit and rumors that ATT is offering people the option to switch back to the true unlimited data plan, this could be the final straw that sends the undecided iPhone owners and prospective owners running away from ATT and into VZWs arms.