That’s right, everyone. LaptopMD+ t-shirts. So far, we just have them for the staff, but if enough of you out there bug us for them, maybe we’ll make some more for our customers. Here they are being modeled by our wonderful staff.

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Google has combined their privacy policies into one.

Google’s New Privacy Policy: What Does it Mean?

Google has combined their privacy policies into one.We’ve been inundated over the past couple of weeks with family, friends, and customers asking us about the recent changes in Google’s Privacy Policy. From an investigation by the European Union to being sued by privacy groups, Google has garnered quite a reaction. In fact, I can’t think of a single time that a privacy policy has caused such an uproar. So what does this change mean for web users? The short answer is: absolutely nothing. Despite predictions of Doomsday and one prominent Slate.com author lambasting Google for breaking their “Don’t be evil” motto, there is absolutely nothing terrifying or worrisome in the new policy. Here’s the long answer, with some explanations, as narrated through a series of questions we were asked recently.

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