Old Tech, New Tricks

The times are always changing. For the modern small business or tech savvy consumer, out with the old in with the new is literal. Once you purchase the new Windows PC on the market, what will you do with the obsolete model?

Many may not know a better alternative than to simply toss their old computers, laptops and phones in the trash. As the saying goes though, one person’s trash is another’s treasure. There are recycling programs all over the city, as well as initiatives to

turn those electronics into art.

Before you give your device away, have you considered re-purposing the electronic altogether?

darth vader

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5 Ways Tech Helps the Disabled

Technology is ubiquitous. Everywhere we turn, there’s a new device or application to augment our productivity. There’s something for everyone, including the less fortunate. Luckily there aren’t just engineers who develop content to keep people entertained on the train, there are some who use their acumen to support the mentally and physically impaired. Here are just a few of the wonderful developments we’ve heard of:


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