A Million* Ways to Kill Your Device In The Big Apple

New York is full of opportunity and possibility….even bad ones. For every beautiful moment our city gives us, there are plenty of annoyances that can only happen here. There’s a particular psychology that New York instills, a reckless abandonment of practicality and good sense that the city embeds in us. Don’t text your friend in Delaware about dropping your phone because you were trying to text while eating a slice on a crowded A, they just won’t understand.

At LaptopMD, we’ve seen some crazy device disasters. Here’s a list of very New York-centric ways to kill your device, whether it’s a phone, tablet or laptop:

Realizing you dropped your phone in Times Square, retracing your steps, and finding a phone stomped to death (if you find it).

New Year's Resolution: A New Phone
New Year’s Resolution: A New Phone

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