Everyone at LaptopMD would like to sincerely wish you a Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year. It combines three cool themes- spooky costumes, frightening ghost stories and our favorite- candy! In this post, we’ll share some examples of why we love Halloween and what makes it such a unique and fun celebration. There’s a lot of different ways to enjoy Halloween, and these are some of our top picks. Continue reading

How we break our laptops!

Laptops may be designed to be portable, but they are hardly invincible to the abuse that most people inflict on them. Laptops can break for any number of reasons, but learning about some of the more common reasons they break can help you to prevent your laptop from being damaged. These are some of the primary reasons our customers contact LaptopMD for repair service.

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Columbus Day!

Everyone at LaptopMD would like to sincerely wish you a Happy Columbus Day!

Columbus Day does not merely celebrate the discovery of the New World by an Italian explorer Christopher Columbus and his crew. It also celebrates the burning human desire towards exploration and innovation and the belief that humanity is destined for higher things.

Happy Columbus Day

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