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Care and Feeding of the New Apple iPhone 4…

Laptop Repair - Data Recovery - iPhone RepairThe Fourth Generation iPhone is coming out June 24th. Hallelujah! May G-d bless Steve Jobs. What does this new model mean for LaptopMD (as an iPhone repair center) and what does it mean for YOU (as a consumer)?

From our perspective, the new iPhone model is even more fragile than the previous 3G and 3GS models. For the past few months, we have repaired between 10 and 20 iPhones each day. One reason why we attract this much business is that we repair cracked screens and other problems on the spot, while our customers wait. No self-respecting New Yorker can last more than one hour without their iPhone. The upper part of the iPhone, which you touch so often with your finger, is its most vulnerable part. Naturally, too much pressure, or pressure in the wrong area, can cause this part to break. Sadly, Apple doesn’t provide service for these repairs; you must pay $199 and buy another iPhone. No service; only new purchases. Not every company can treat its customers so poorly and retain their loyalty, but somehow Apple manages to keep its customers, even while selling them a product that does not perform well under pressure. As a result, for those customers that do not wish to buy another iPhone, some salespeople and “geniuses” at Apple stores refer unhappy owners of broken iPhones to us.

Looking closely at the new 4G iPhone model, we observe that its case is made of glass. Yes, you read that correctly; the case is made of glass. If you dropped your 3G or 3GS model iPhone before, your digitizer would break. But now, with the newer and more fragile model, the digitizer AND case will both break. As a result, LaptopMD anticipates an even greater volume of iPhone repair jobs after June 25th.

As a consumer, what can you learn from this insight? What can you do to keep your precious iPhone in one piece? Treat your iPhone like a newborn baby. Don’t drop it; don’t spill anything on it; keep it away from areas where there is food and drink. Don’t keep it in your back pocket, because you can easily sit on it. Don’t allow it to move around inside your purse or briefcase. You must treat it with some TLC (Tender loving care). Buy a protective case for it. Don’t be penny-wise and dollar foolish and purchase a knock-off case on the street. You just spent several hundred dollars on the new iPhone; make a small investment and visit the Apple website to purchase accessories directly from the company or from an Apple-authorized reseller. Buy a good rubber case, on the off chance that when you DO drop the iPhone, the case and digitizer won’t crack as easily. Make sure the case has a flap to cover the screen, for extra protection. If you will treat this new iPhone as if it were a laptop, you can be sure that your iPhone will never visit LaptopMD.