Computer Repair Doctor

Computer Repair Doctor

Laptop MD’s Sister Company Down South!

Laptop MD has produced a lot of repaired laptops, phones, desktops, etc… but it also produced Matt Ham, a now-business owner of his own repair shop named Computer Repair Doctor.  Ham started with Laptop MD while attending Columbia University and quickly rose within the company to work directly with owner Arthur Zilberman.  Matt learned a lot in his time at Laptop MD, and when his wife was accepted to FSU’s College of Medicine, he took his newfound knowledge and started his own shop in Tallahassee in 2013.  The importance of free diagnostics and estimates, allowing customers to walk-in at their own schedule rather than needing an appointment – these are all things that Matt picked up in New York and knew that he needed to bring, wherever he opened a shop.

Since initally opening in 2013, Computer Repair Doctor has grown to seven locations, with two in Tallahassee, and one in Charleston, Monroe, Winter Park, Davie, and Raleigh! While it seems like CRD has been growing fast, there are no signs of slowing down, with more expansion plans already in place.  So if you find yourself moving away from the Big Apple but don’t know who you’re gonna go to with your technology problems, check to see if we’ve moved into a city near you!

It looks like it really is true that if you can make it in the big city, you can make it anywhere.

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