How to Build Crypto Mining Rig Assembly

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    LaptopMD: Your Trusted Source for Crypto Mining Rigs 

    Here at LaptopMD, we aim to provide for your tech needs. This time, we’ve improved and added crypto experts to our team of professionals to offer crypto mining rig assembly services to our customers. We have a team of specialists dedicated to assembling and installing crypto-mining setups for enthusiasts.

    How Does It Work?

    Since we have professionals on board, we’ll need to know how much you’re willing to spend on your setup. Once we know how much we’ll be working with, we’ll begin sourcing the parts your mining rig needs and we’ll build your setup!

    How much time will it take?

    As long as we have the parts your rig needs in stock, we can assemble your mining rig in less than 24 hours!

    How do I book an assembly service?

    Give us a call and let us in about your budget! From there, we can begin the process of setting up your rig.

    Do you provide mining resources?

    If you need to learn more about ways to utilize your rig when you have it, you can book hourly consultancies for the following:

    • Crypto algorithmic trading
    • Grid bots
    • Lending
    • Staking
    • Yield farming

    How to Build an Ethereum Mining Rig?

    For GPU Ethereum/Raven Mining we can help you: 

    • Assemble hardware and install Mining software 
    • Optimize and overclock GPUs for maximum profitability
    • Fix broken or upgrade existing rigs (mail in available)
    • Consult on future market activity regarding profitability 
    • Point you in the right direction for bulk ordering GPU’s (at current market prices not MSRP)
    • Verbal consultation on ROI analysis
    • Consultation on costs of maintaining and running GPU rigs.

    For Helium Mining we can help you:

    • Find affordable and legitimate in hand miners on eBay 
    • Consult on HNT price and profitability 
    • Install and sync your miners with the blockchain 
    • Consult on future trajectory of price and which companies are most reliable for purchasing miners directly 

    For ASIC Bitcoin Miners we can help you:

    • Find legitimate websites to purchase miners from. 
    • Consult on profitability and after market selling/buying
    • Install ASICs directly at your chosen location

    For online Crypto services we can help you:

    • optimize popular crypto trading terminals like Altrady and TradingView
    • Set up and consult on grid bots and other algorithmic strategies 
    • Advise you on the most profitable and safest platform to stake and lend your crypto or USDT on
    • Advise and consult on any other Cryptocurrency related matters. 

    Send us an email for a quote here: 

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      Our Process

      Fill Out the above quote form and wait to hear back from our specialist.

      Consult with our specialist on your needs. We will work with you on the exact specifications for your mining rid repair, assembly, and build.

      LaptopMD For On-Site IT Needs

      Once we finish your repair/assembly/build, we’ll send your crypto mining rig to you.

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