Data Recovery

Data Recovery

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Data Recovery NYC

Most of data recovery NYC shops have the dirty secret that they don’t want you to know: few of them know the the fundamentals of recovering the information. Hard drive recovery, SSD recovery, Disk and program repair: whatever you call it, we have spent 20+ years becoming masters at it. What we offer:

Data Recovery in NYC

Qualified Engineers

Professional-level data recovery machinery and tools

Affordable rates

Same day drive recovery

Instant, while you wait estimates

6 days a week service

At LaptopMD we are the masters of true data recovery, from hard drives and solid-state drives alike. Are you worried that your system repair may cost a lot? If so, just call us.

Why are we better than other data retrieval shops?

Other computer services in New York City may say they offer data recovery, but are only capable of data transfers with commercially available software. The few services that do offer dedicated data recovery are industrial-oriented companies and charge thousands of dollars.

LaptopMD NYC has found a happy middle ground: we charge flat fee for data retrieval, however, if you need in-depth data recovery NYC service, we also have a clean room and state of the art machinery.

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First-class data recovery in New York

At LaptopMD, we’re capable of performing comprehensive services. We provide:

For most sophisticated repairs we can use data recovery machinery. Our machine duplicates hard drives at a true imaging speed of up to 180MB/s, the fastest in the industry. Machines with this level of efficiency are typically available only to the FBI or CIA. Contact us for FREE estimate today!

All kinds of data recoveries

At LaptopMD New York, we provide data recovery from all sorts of devices. If your device has a physically or water damaged, clicking hard drive or card, we can recover data from it. We can retrieve datas from:

We can recover data from all kinds of devices and storages!

Digital CamerasSD CardsUSB Sticks
Logical disksSSDRAID

Reliable Data Recovery NYC

By providing options, we keep our data retrieval costs manageable.We have assumed the responsibility to offer the most affordable true service in New York City. We are confident we can beat out all the competition. For data retrieval, we will not charge cleanroom prices like other data recovery NYC shops will. If mere retrieval is not enough, we can escalate your case up to and including head and PCB repair or full platter swaps. LaptopMD data recovery NYC specialists can backup from deleted, corrupt, missing and inaccessible data losses as well as water damaged and burned hard drives.

Data Recovery NYC

Additional types of repairs we offer in this category:

Hard Drive Virus Repair

Hard Drive Virus Repair

We are like penicillin for your hard drive.

Logical Data Recovery

Logical Data Recovery in New York

We’ll help your data live long and prosper!

Data transfer

Data Transfer NYC

Data transfers in the blink of an eye.

Oftentimes, your data is worth far more than the laptop it's stored on. You can replace your notebook, but not your files. Which is why we bring enterprise-level data recovery to the average consumer.

Mechanical Hard Drive Recovery NYC

Clean Room? Check. Parts? Check.

Solid State Device Repair

Solid State Device Repair

Professional solid state device repair

Clicking Hard Drive

Clicking Hard Drive

Clicking Hard Drive: Bad. Clicking this link: Good!

Deleted File Recovery

Deleted File Recovery

Deleting can’t stop the doctor

Hard Drive Error Repair

Just think of us as spell-checker for your hard drive. Goodbye, errors!