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Great FREE Tools For Protecting Kids Online

Now that the summer has come to a close kids everywhere are gearing up for back to school. As school starts, your kid’s computer usage is sure to rise. Whether they’re working on projects, doing homework, or just surfing the web, protecting your kids online activity should be a big priority. With technology changing so quickly it is important to be aware of the growing list of hazards in cyberspace. This post will outline some great resources to keep your kids safe when they’re out surfing the world wide web.

It’s good to review your family‚Äôs set of Internet usage guidelines. Make sure your child knows how to be safe, responsible, and respectful online. Reiterate the rules you have set in the past and also discuss any rules set by your child’s school.

The quickest and easiest way to start protecting your kids from internet harm is installing K9 Web Protection 4.0. Parental control software can cost up to $150 but K9 is offered free of charge. You can download it for free. Some popular features of K9 4.0 are listed below.

  • K9’s web filtering technology allows easy control of kid’s browsing activities keeping them safe from offensive or inappropriate websites.
  • Time restriction feature will limit internet access on your PC and only allow access when you want them to.
  • K9’s automatic updates keep you up to date on all the latest threats and malicious web sites out on the web.

Another great, easy, and free service is OnlineFamily.Norton. These parental controls are completely web based and are backed by Symantec, a leader in online secu

rity software. There is nothing to buy or download. Simply log on to OnlineFamily.Norton.com to register. Some popular features of OnlineFamily are listed below.

  • Blocks inappropriate sites
  • Set time controls to control kid’s usage
  • Supervises chat sessions
  • Monitors social network use
  • Use it on any computer
  • Fully web-based allowing you to login from anywhere

These two services should be a great start to protecting your child’s internet experience. While parental controls play a big role in online precautions below are some great resources for keeping your child safe from the other dangers present on the internet.

Cyberbullying: Smart Online-Safe Offline – Great interactive resource to address “cyber bullying” & “stranger danger”

Safety Workshops: ChildrenOnline.org – Innovative workshops on internet safety

Social Media Precautions: Ikeepsafe.org – Great video tutorials detailing social networking safety

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