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Everyone at LaptopMD would like to sincerely wish you a Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year. It combines three cool themes- spooky costumes, frightening ghost stories and our favorite- candy! In this post, we’ll share some examples of why we love Halloween and what makes it such a unique and fun celebration. There’s a lot of different ways to enjoy Halloween, and these are some of our top picks.

Costume Yourself And Your Devices

First of all, let’s talk about costumes! Everyone loves costumes. Why not extend the idea to your smartphone? It’s a major trend to personalize your smartphone with a cool or cute case, but some festive Halloween cases are a great way to mark the season and look good doing it.

Who says that only people can wear costumes? Find a nice case for your phone to wear, and you will really be showing your love of the holiday. For extra points, get a case that complements your own costume for full coordination. There’s a lot of options out there, or you could even make your own by buying a plain one and decorating it yourself. That’s a cool way to show off your creative side.

Scare Yourself

Next, scary stories. We’re all really attached to our smartphones and other devices. In fact, the thought of being parted from them is downright scary! Yet that was the nightmare that one man experienced when his angry girlfriend dropped all of his Apple electronics into the bathtub.

She found out that he was cheating on her, so she took her revenge on his beloved Apple gear while he was away. That’s scary enough to keep us up at night! Lots of strange things occur around the end of October. Try to make sure a bathtub full of Apple products isn’t one of your own ghost stories.

Enjoy The Best Techie Sweets

Finally, Halloween simply wouldn’t be Halloween without awesome sweets and candies. Anyone can put together a grab bag full of wrapped candy, but if you’re attending a Halloween party that you know will be attended by fellow tech geeks like yourself, then why not have a bit more fun with it?

This iPhone cake is basically the dream when it comes to tech-flavored sweets. It might look pretty complicated for novice bakers, but it’s actually manageable if you work carefully and follow the step-by-step directions. Alternatively, you can give this similar iPad cake a try.

After party

Lots of strange things tend to happen around Halloween. Sometimes it’s because people get caught up in the celebration and drop or damage their electronics by mistake. If that’s the position you are in, don’t worry.

We here at LaptopMD will be on duty and ready to fix up anything you need, whether it was cursed by an angry mummy or just pushed off a countertop.