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iPhone 5

LaptopMD provides comprehensive iPhone 5 repair services in New York City. Not only do we offer the same services Apple offers, we repair iPhone 5, 5C and 5S models that Apple would write off as impossible.

We pride ourselves in providing quality typified by:

Qualified engineers ready to go the extra mile;

Instant assessment;

Fast repair (as fast as 25 minutes);

Great customer service;

Free 6stimates;

Open 6 Days a week

Open till 8 o’clock on weekdays

An iPhone 5 cracked screen replacement in New York seems to be such a common need. Lucky for our clients, we provide same day service on all screen orders. From broken buttons to glass repair, most of our jobs take 15-30 minutes to complete.

Fast, efficient iPhone 5 repair NYC

LaptopMD NYC does not require an appointment. Simply come into our offices and we’ll perform a no-obligation diagnosis of your iPhone. Most of our competition tries to maximize profit with each repair. At LaptopMD NYC, our goal is earning your loyalty as a long-term customer. Most of our client base is a repeat customer. They can appreciate that our model is designed to minimize the cost of the overall repair.

Why choose LaptopMD New York over the Genius Bar?

Consider the differences:

There’s no appointment with LaptopMD NYC. Apple requires an appointment just to be seen, which can take weeks. You can walk into our Manhattan offices seven days a week. Apple charges a premium for every service they provide. We offer a free while you wait, flat-rate estimate.

We receive our components from the same facility as Apple.

here’s no shipping your phone off to a remote facility, running the risk of it possibly being wiped of data. Most of our orders don’t even leave our clients’ eyesight.

LaptopMD, we provide the exact same service as Apple in a third of the time, at a more affordable rate. Our service simply can’t be matched.

Choose LaptopMD for iPhone 5 repair NYC

LaptopMD is a staple of the New York City technology community. We have been in business since 1999, reverently covered in outlets such as Wall Street Journal, CNN, CBS, and Inc. Magazine.

Choose LaptopMD for your iPhone 5 repair NYC because we have been around since the original iPhone. We are the original doctors. Our engineers possess the highest possible level of expertise and experience.

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