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LaptopMD+ has been making a splash in the news – browse our recent press clippings and see what CNN Money, Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, Time Out New York, WPIX 11, and others have to say about us.  View our archive of featured articles and interviews from leading New York City and national media outlets.

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CBS News discusses cell phone repairs and laptop repairs.
CBS News LaptopMD on CBS News
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“An occasional diagnostic check and tune-up can prolong the life of your PC… ‘people have to remember that computers are machines — their parts wear out like the tires on a car’”

– Arthur Zilberman, LaptopMD+ President via CNN Money
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“An updated antivirus is the cornerstone of any healthy computer… Consider it health insurance or preventative medicine, which is definitely worth purchasing once a year.”

PIX 11 Morning News Ross Lacy, LaptopMD+ General Manager
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CBS News discusses sanitizing germs on your phone and laptop.

CBS News CBS News – Sanitize Your Phone
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Arthur Zilberman, President of LaptopMD, speaks with a customer service representative about New York State health insurance options in his office in Manhattan.

Wall St Journal N.Y. Health Insurance Site Back Online—Glitches Persist 

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Pequannock officials cut ribbon at Laptop MD

Laptop MD president Arthur Zilberman (white shirt), Pequannock Mayor Rich Phelan (yellow shirt), and Deputy Mayor Melissa Florance-Lynch cut the ribbon at the new storefront on Route 23 South. New store opening! 
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“For business owners just starting out, preparing noncompete agreements for new recruits may seem like a low priority, superfluous… for an entrepreneurial venture.”

-Wall Street Journal March 2010 
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“For business owners just starting out, preparing noncompete agreements for new recruits may seem like a low priority, superfluous… for an entrepreneurial venture.”

-Wall Street Journal March 2010 
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“You want your machine to live as long as it possibly can, and to that end we have asked six of the highest-rated laptop repair shops in New York City for some advice on how to easily and cheaply make your laptop live longer.”

The Huffington Post: Captain Gadget Sept. 21 
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Computer repair NYC: LaptopMD+ is featured in Crain's New York Business

“The company’s click-through rate for its main ad campaign shot from 1.09% to 5.3%, and the price for the campaign dropped from an average of $2.57 per keyword click to $2.17.”

Crain’s New York Business January 25, 2012 
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boost your productivity

Think keeping a journal is an activity reserved only for love-struck teenage girls? Or is too old fashioned for modern entrepreneurs?

Think again. Today’s small business owners have to function in a constant state of information overload, and many are turning to journals as a tool for managing the overload and growing their businesses.

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Apple slow battery

Tom Gray of LaptopMD in Morristown discusses Apple’s throttling of older iPhones.

LaptopMD on Fios1News

“If you have a PC on the fritz or can’t snag that last spot at the Apple Genius Bar, Laptop MD… will hustle to get your machine running again.”

Time Out New York July 2011 
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A familiar face, Kris Humphries who’s famous for playing with the Nets, recently paid us a visit to get his iPhone fixed and, yes, he’s that tall in person!

Kris Humphries With Arthur Zilberman and Gene Shapiro

“That high-pitched wheezing coming from your computer sure doesn’t sound good. Before you brave the cold in search of the closest Genius Bar, try repair service Laptop MD…”

Time Out New York December 2009 
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“Thankfully, LaptopMD gets machines running again faster than you can say “control-alt-delete”… and replaces cracked smartphone screens in 15 minutes.”

PureWow Newsletter August 2011 
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“There is basically a processor for everything you want to do – mobile devices have smaller processors so they can run quicker [not needing] the power that a workstation needs.”

Deal News Matt Ham, Chief Operating Officer 
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top bags fro laptops

Best Laptop Bags For Business Travelers:
“A laptop bag isn’t the sexiest holiday gift, but as a practical present for that special geek in your life (or for yourself), it can be hard to beat. Top 12 Laptop Bags for Pros on the Go 
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geneva press

You wouldn’t be where you are today without your team. They’ve stood by you through the ups and the downs, the early-morning meetings and the late-night phone calls.

Geneva National Resort How to Host Team Building Events That Actually Work
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What worked in 2014 that you will carry into 2015

As 2014 comes to a close, business owners everywhere are reflecting on the past year. What worked? What didn’t work? We asked 54 of our small business experts what really worked for them in 2014 that they plan on carrying into 2015.

My corporation Experts Weigh In: What worked in 2014 that you will carry into 2015? 
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