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Computer Software Repair Service In NYC. The Best In Town

Desktops run on software. If your software breaks, your desktop is useless. Our Techs are trained in all major OSes and software suites and can fix you up fast.

Computers can fail in a myriad of ways. Software failure is fairly common, and can be even more frustrating than hardware failure. Luckily, LaptopMD+’s technicians are computer software repair specialists. From working the bugs out of Windows to making sure Office is running smoothly, ironing out driver issues to getting software suites to play nice together, we are the most knowledgeable source for computer software troubleshooting and repair.

Our techs are well versed in all the latest computer programs and software suites, and have the experience to deal with legacy software problems as well as troubleshooting proprietary software. We can take care of all your computer software repair needs, and all of our software repairs come with the same free, while-u-wait estimate and 30 day guarantee as our hardware repairs. So fill out an online quote form, give us a call, or stop by, and we’ll make sure your software problems get knocked out in no time.