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NYC Power Jack and Power Supply Repair

If you can't charge your laptop, what good is it?

Some components tend to fail more often than others. Power jacks and power supplies are among those that fail the most. Between the strain of taking electricity from the outlet and distributing it evenly and consistently and the constant stresses of pulling on the power cords, power jacks tend to have all manner of issues.

Most often, the problem is simply that your power jack has come loose from the aforementioned cord pulling. There is only so much physical stress they can take before they begin to detach from the board. In that case, our technicians can usually simply open up your laptop and re-attach your power jack connectors, and reinforce them so the problem doesn’t come back. Another common problem we see all the time is something inside the physical connector actually breaking off or getting stuck. Most often it’s the thin pin in the very center of your power jack. Unfortunately, this particular problem is usually not fixable and requires us to order a new power jack and replace your old one. In either situation, the repair generally takes an hour or two, and our techs have done enough of both that they could do it with their eyes closed.

A broken power supply is a little trickier. Generally we don’t see the same kind of physical damage on power supply repairs that we do on power jacks, largely because you rarely unplug or play with the cord plugged into your computer. Instead, what we see is the power supply itself failing. This can be caused by heat from various components, by being asked to perform beyond specifications, such as when you upgrade your videocard but don’t upgrade the power supply to handle the additional load, and general age.

Whatever the problem with your power jack or power supply, our technicians have seen it before a hundred times and are experts on getting it correctly diagnosed and fixed. Bring your laptop, desktop, or Mac by and we’ll get it up and running fine in no time.

Power jacks and power supplies are under great stress in typical laptop usage. So it's no wonder they break all the time. LaptopMD+ has seen enough that we gurantee we're the fastest power jack repair in NYC.