iPad2: You’ll Still Buy It, You Just Won’t Know Why

The iPad2: Just like the iPad 1 only a little thinner and a little fasterIt seems fitting that on Pi day (March 14th, or 3/14: named for the irrational number π which loosely translates to 3.14159 and goes on forever from there), the geekiest unofficial holiday of the year, we are taking a look at the iPad 2, the least geeky gadget ever made. Released 3 days ago on March 11th, the iPad 2 is…well, the 2nd iteration of the iPad, and that pretty much tells you everything you need to know. I’m sure there will be people who decry this lack of enthusiasm, but and wax eloquently about how the few, subtle changes Apple made render this a new device, the deus ex machina of tablets, infinitely superior to everything that came before (See this review in the NYT for an example). These are probably the people still clutching their Newtons and praising the devices as strokes of genius ahead of their time. But enough of that, let’s see what’s in store for millions of consumers who rush to pick one of these up.

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Holiday Gift Ideas from LaptopMD

LaptopMD Holiday Gift GuideEvery year our technician gurus here at LaptopMD like to share the knowledge and insights that they’ve gained throughout the year with our customers to help you make smarter holiday tech purchases.  Buying gifts related to technology can be intimidating especially if you’re buying for someone already savvy in technology or if you are unaware of the various options and brands available.  Use our holiday shopping ideas that we’ve put together to help you with your gift buying this season and relieve some of the holiday stress!

We provide gift ideas for every type of computer user in your house: students, professionals, and normal everyday users. Our list covers Mac and PC laptops, as well as netbooks. We look at the latest in cellphone/smartphone technology and help you determine whether or not you should buy an Android phone or an iPhone as a gift. Additionally, our guide looks at software titles suited for every type of computer user.  Let us know what you think in the comments and if you have any questions regarding your holiday tech purchases.


The laptop market is full of options when considering which one to buy.  You may ask yourself questions like these when you go to make a purchase:

  • What’s the difference between a netbook and a laptop?
  • What features should I focus on?
  • Mac or PC, which one provides the better deal?

Use our holiday shopping guide as a tool to sort through the various options you are bound to come across.

Choose the Right One

There are many options out there and the number of choices can be daunting for anyone, including those who work with computers for a living!  To help simplify the laptop buying process, we have come to trust the guides put together PC World Magazine.  PC World’s guides provide the comprehensive help that you’re looking for.  There are several comparison guides online and we’ve included links to our favorite guides throughout this post.

When using these guides and buying a laptop, be sure to take into account the following considerations:

  • Speed
  • Battery life
  • Functionality and Features
  • Durability
  • The End User

Some laptops are good for students but not functional for professionals.  Knowing who you are buying for and what they want will help you frame your decision and make everybody happy.

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Back To School Technology Gadgets

The end of August is here and that means that it’s ‘back to school’ for parents and students alike!  LaptopMD has pulled together some resources that will help you pick the right gadgets and technology to put you on a path to success.

According to the National Retail Foundation Americans will spend a whopping $55 billion dollars on back-to-school supplies this year.  The bulk of that sum is spent on technology.

From iPads to laptops and everything in between, technology has become a must for most students, especially those heading of to college. Here is a quick reference guide to some awesome back to school supplies and technology gadgets for every need.

The iPad is becoming a great tool for students. Its long battery life and textbook compatibility is making it the hottest tool for back to school. Over 10,000 of the most widely adopted college textbooks are now available for the iPad via CourseSmart. iPad pilot programs are popping up at universities all over the U.S. to see how it can be implemented in the classroom. Some popular and useful apps for students are listed below.

iStudiez Pro – Student Planner
Cram – Study Tool w/Flashcards & Tests
Grades – Grade Course Calculator
Pi83 – Only $0.99 for a identical Texas Instruments Ti83 graphic calculator

The new Kindle is completely redesigned with two great price options of $139 and $189. The $139 version only works with WiFi while the $189 version includes free 3G wireless internet. The new design makes the e-reader lighter, smaller, and sleeker while still maintaining the same screen size and even better battery life. Over 670,000 books are now available on the kindle so your class reading list should definitely be covered. Plus expect to pay $9.99 or less for each title which will save you considerably versus the college bookstore. There is also a growing list of textbooks available on the kindle which will surely alleviate the stress of lugging huge textbooks around campus. You can search the Kindle Textbook store online to see if your titles are available.

Check out this great slideshow for some incredible and useful back to school gadgets. One item is the Clocky, which is a alarm clock on wheels. You’re sure to be on time to class since the clock rolls of your night stand when its activated. The list also includes $20 Altec Lansing portable laptop speakers with no A/C power needed. You’ll also find great gadgets like pocket projectors and multi function desk lamps.

Don’t forget that LaptopMD offers all college students a 10% discount on repair work! We know that your laptop and/or iPhone are essential for college survival and we want to be there to help.  We can work with you to recover your data from your hard drive so you don’t miss a beat in your studies.  We can also repair spill-damaged keyboards and bring your laptop or computer back to full working order.