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LaptopMD LogoWhen you bring us your laptop, iPhone, or other computer device for repair we do not take the responsibility, you entrust us with, lightly.  We know that your computer is important to you and we treat every device as if it were our own.  LaptopMD is a laptop repair service center that has built its reputation on the prompt, reliable, and trust-worthy computer repair service provided to individuals and businesses in New York City and beyond for over 10 years.  Instead of the ‘by the book’ approach to service that bigger corporate entities provide, at LaptopMD we strive to provide you with personalized and prompt repair service, rather than asking you to unnecessarily spend more money, like the ‘big guys’ might.

Our customers know that they can trust us to be quicker and more reliable than similar services provided by Best Buy and Staples.  Unlike Best Buy and Staples, we will not sugar coat your repair problem, provide misleading repair information, ask you to ‘upgrade’ to a new computer (rather than fixing the actual problem), or expect you to wait more than one business day to fix most ‘simple’ computer problems.  These are all situations that many of our customers have experienced before they found us and we hope that you too will find out what LaptopMD has to offer. Continue reading

Hard Drive Data Recovery: A True Customer Experience

Who Do You Trust?

One of our customers recently had a harrowing ordeal when her hard drive crashed and she didn’t know where to turn to. She first took her crashed hard drive to the GeekSquad who provided impersonal service and took more time than necessary in providing “9-1-1 Service”.

Read a part of Shonali’s hard drive recovery ordeal in her own words:

Contrary to the image it portrays, the Geek Squad does not swoop into its batmobile, leap tall buildings in a single bound and show up at your doorstep before you can say “ vuvuzela.”

No, it makes a note of your problem and tells you someone will call you back within an hour (which they didn’t). Then, when you call them back, they tell you they’re trying to reach the “field manager” by sending them an email, but s/he hasn’t responded yet.

Seriously? And this is their “9-1-1” service?

Read Shonali’s hard drive recovery and repair story:
Part 1: How Did I Land on Elm Street
Part 2: Of Hard Drives, Hallelujah and Trust

Even though Shonali lives in Washington DC, LaptopMD was able to provide prompt advice and hard drive repair and service options via the phone and mail-in service.  We are thrilled that customers like Shonali trust LaptopMD with their laptop and hard drive repair needs.

When you entrust your laptop repair and hard drive recovery with us, we do not take that responsibility lightly and will do everything we can to ensure the care and success of your hard drive recovery or laptop repair.

LaptopMD strives to be a company that excels in providing prompt, reliable, trust-worthy laptop, hard drive, and computer repair and service options. You can bring in your Computer or Laptop today to our Midtown, Manhattan Repair Center or call us at 212-920-4833 to discuss your mail-in options if you live outside of the New York City area.

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