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LaptopMD provides comprehensive iPhone 5 repair services in New York City. Not only do we offer the same services Apple offers, we repair iPhone 5, 5C and 5S models that Apple would write off as impossible.

We pride ourselves in providing quality typified by:

24/7/365 Management, Monitoring and Support Bundle Packages – phone system and internet connection Call Statistics Call Recording Click-to-Call Dialing Conference Calling Extensions and Transferring Fax Server Capabilities Fax to Email Free Calling Between Offices Personalized Greetings Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling Unlimited Voice Mail Video Conferencing Voicemail to Email

An iPhone 5 cracked screen replacement in New York seems to be such a common need. Lucky for our clients, we provide same day service on all screen orders. From broken buttons to glass repair, most of our jobs take 15-30 minutes to complete.

Fast, efficient iPhone 5 repair NYC

LaptopMD NYC does not require an appointment. Simply come into our offices and we’ll perform a no-obligation diagnosis of your iPhone. Most of our competition tries to maximize profit with each repair. At LaptopMD NYC, our goal is earning your loyalty as a long-term customer. Most of our client base is a repeat customer. They can appreciate that our model is designed to minimize the cost of the overall repair.

Why choose LaptopMD New York over the Genius Bar?

Consider the differences:

There’s no appointment with LaptopMD NYC. Apple requires an appointment just to be seen, which can take weeks. You can walk into our Manhattan offices seven days a week. Apple charges a premium for every service they provide. We offer a free while you wait, flat-rate estimate.

We receive our components from the same facility as Apple.

here’s no shipping your phone off to a remote facility, running the risk of it possibly being wiped of data. Most of our orders don’t even leave our clients’ eyesight.

LaptopMD, we provide the exact same service as Apple in a third of the time, at a more affordable rate. Our service simply can’t be matched.

Choose LaptopMD for iPhone 5 repair NYC

LaptopMD is a staple of the New York City technology community. We have been in business since 1999, reverently covered in outlets such as Wall Street Journal, CNN, CBS, and Inc. Magazine.

Choose LaptopMD for your iPhone 5 repair NYC because we have been around since the original iPhone. We are the original doctors. Our engineers possess the highest possible level of expertise and experience.

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    The iPhone5 Unveiled…Sort Of

    iPhone 5 Repair schematicsNot too long after Apple’s post-Jobs CEO, Tim Cook, promised that Apple is tightening security around their product launches, it seems that detailed schematics of the new iPhone5’s front panel have been leaked, and possibly by more than one person. First appearing in a blog by iLab, then arriving at the blog of non-approved iPhone App Store Cydia, and finally hitting MacRumors. And here they are now, in all of their blue-printed glory.

    It seems that in the last couple of days/weeks the leaks and rumors have been flying fast, and coming together to form a more complete picture of the new iPhone design and specs. Granted, there is the usual hoopla by true believers who insist that every single one of these leaks are a clever plant by Apple to throw media and competitors off the real trail, but honestly that seems absolutely ludicrous at this point. Why? A couple of reasons: 1) Jobs was the real secrecy buff, and with him gone I imagine we will begin to see a big part of this culture of fear and secrecy fall apart. Without him there to bring down the wrath of god on any leakers, I think we’ll start to see a decades worth of repression bubble up into sloppiness and intentional leaking. 2) Apple is a month to 3 months away from launching this thing. There’s absolutely no point in throwing off competitors at this point, since no one can really do anything about anything at this point. And as far as the media, they get worked up into a frenzy every time an iPhone is launched. No need for PR stunts here. Lastly, over the last 3 or so product launches, we’ve seen that rumors and leaks that came within 1-3 months before the product launch were pretty solid. Continue reading

    iOS 5 Beta 5: The Future of the iPhone

    ios 5.0Well, it’s almost time to go back to school and it looks like lucky students who’ve waited patiently may well just get their hands on the iPhone 5 before getting back to class. With the release of iOS 5 Beta 5, it looks like Apple is closer than ever to releasing the new generation of iPhone. If you’ll remember, the hold-up with iOS5 was the major reason for Apple to deviate from their typical summer release schedule for the new iPhone 5. So what’s going on with the 5th iPhone? Let’s see if we can’t break it down a little bit:

    Continue reading

    Apple Announces White iPhone 4 (finally)…

    Apple's White iPhone 4… but LaptopMD has been offering white iPhone 4 conversion services for the past 6 months and will continue to do so with the same parts that Apple uses.

    Today, Apple announced that the long-awaited White iPhone 4 is now available to consumers wishing to experience the latest in iPhone fashion trends.  The White iPhone is equally priced with its black predecessor and now Apple offers the customers the ability to choose the color of their iPhone – black or white.

    LaptopMD continues to offer white iPhone 4 conversion to customers wishing to save money for the iPhone 5 which is rumored to come out later this year, possibly in September 2011 or even earlier.

    Was the wait worth the release of the White iPhone 4 or will you be holding your breath until September when the iPhone 5 will hopefully be released?

    The Elusive iPhone 5

    Image from

    The blogosphere and news media have been abuzz recently with news that Apple may not meet its traditional product release dates for the iPhone 5 and the accompanying iOS 5, which is their mobile operating system. Several theories are abound as to why Apple may be switching up their usually structured release schedule ranging from supply problems in Japan to time constraints of their supposedly feature ladened updates to a shift in product release strategy. As a consumer waiting anxiously for the new iPhone I can tell you that being given a date range of somewhere between April and October (the last time frame to adequately take advantage of the holiday shopping season) is maddening.

    The delays aside, the wait will probably be well worth it but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep from dreaming of its features.  AppleInsider, a leading Apple news blog, has been reporting that iOS 5 will most likely feature a free cloud storage and sharing service and more integrated voice commands, among other as of yet unknown features.

    I think the wait will be worth it, for sure, but we want to know what you think: Will the extended wait for the new iPhone releases be worth it or will the Android OS maintain its current edge? Vote now in our very unscientific facebook poll or leave your thoughts in the comments section of this post.