…and Just In Time, Too!

Because people needed more reasons to jump ship from AT&T to Verizon once the iPhone4 hits their shelves, a new lawsuit alleges that AT&T might have been overstating data use by customers…by as much as 300%.

The suit, filed Jan. 27th by Patrick Hendricks, an iPhone owner on AT&T’s low-tier data plan, claims that Hendricks and his attorneys used an independent consultant to accurately asses data transfer on AT&Ts network and compared it to the data transfer recorded on the wireless carriers statement, reaching the conclusion that most data transfers were overstated by 7-14%, and in some cases going as high as 300%.

This is a huge deal since ATT discontinued their unlimited data plans last June and switched to a capped, tiered system, with hefty penalties for going over your monthly cap by so much as one kilobyte.

With Verizon offering true unlimited data plans, and with this lawsuit and rumors that ATT is offering people the option to switch back to the true unlimited data plan, this could be the final straw that sends the undecided iPhone owners and prospective owners running away from ATT and into VZWs arms.

Mobile Technology Shines At CES

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES for short, is a technology conference going on right now in Las Vegas, Nevada.  CES is an annual event where technology companies launch their products to generate buzz among consumers and the press as well as to feed the geek frenzy right after the holiday season.

It’s no surprise this year that mobile technology is taking center stage with phones, tablets, and other devices leading the pack in overall discussion.  Here is a quick roundup of some of the more interesting mobile tech stories:

No Verizon iPhone, Yet…

It may be on everybody’s technology wishlist this year but so far Verizon is mum on when they will be releasing Apple’s iPhone on their wireless network.  According to CNN.com the moment at which an announcement would likely have been made, Verizon’s keynote address, was void of any mention of the iPhone or Apple for that matter.  Even if the elusive question remained unanswered, Ivan Seidenberg, Verizon’s CEO, still gave an interesting talk on the future of mobile technology.

NEC's LT-W Cloud Communicator Tablet
NEC’s LT-W Cloud Communicator Tablet

A Tablet Built for Your Commute

Maybe you’re past the Verizon/Apple/iPhone hoopla already.  If so, an interesting product launch out of the CES is a tablet that reads like a book and fits in your bag or large pocket quite easily.  NEC’s LT-W Cloud Communicator is an innovative Android device with a 7-inch screen which treats itself like the true digital equivalent to paper books.  As CNET notes this device will most likely revolutionize a person’s commute in the coming month.  Personally, I’m really happy that this device is out as will make the reading process less clunky when you’re on the train squeezed in between two people.

The Phone, Laptop, and PC in One Device

Motorola’s Atrix phone showcases the growing ability of smartphones to act as a laptop and vice-versa.  The Atrix might well be the first device that combines the capabilities of a smartphone and the laptop in one product.  The phone can run multiple operating systems and also be connected to a monitor to essentially become a standalone desktop computer.

Excited about the new offerings from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show?  Check CNET’s CES Guide and be sure to come back to this blog next week as we will provide more indepth looks at other exciting new technology products.

Check out Apple’s totally redesigned iPods!

Its been an exciting week as Apple unveiled their newly redesigned iPod line up at their annual event on Wednesday. According to Steve Jobs, “It’s the biggest change in the iPod line ever.”
Below you’ll find details on their three main models and the new changes you can expect. Fans of the iPod classic and its clickwheel can still rejoice since Apple has kept the product alive after fears of it being discontinued. When it comes to storage the iPod classic is still the king with 160GB of storage.

new nano shuffle touch

iPod Touch

The new iTouch is turning into a mirror image of the iPhone 4. The new version will have a front facing camera for FaceTime video chat as well as another camera on the back. The 8GB model will be priced at $229. Thats up from the $199 Apple used to charge for the previous model. The 32GB is priced at $299 and $399 for the 64GB.

iPod Nano

The biggest design change Apple has made all year is surely with the Nano. The new iPod loses the buttons and goes to a full touch screen design. Apple has practically shrunk the Nano by half and also took out the camera they introduced last year. Video playback which has also become a popular feature has been removed from the new iPod. This will likely drive consumers to upgrade to the iTouch which comes equipped with both of those features. The pricing on the Nano has not changed and remains at $149/$179 for the 8GB/16GB versions.

iPod Shuffle

The smallest in the iPod line has gotten even smaller coming in at 1.14 inches in height compared to the previous 1.8. Apple is also offering the Shuffle at an all time low price of $49 for the 2GB version. The shuffle also gets the buttons back which were integrated in the headphones on the previous model. The new Shuffle will also have voice capabilities which allow it to speak your playlists and even tell you when your battery is running low.

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new ipod touch