Hardware + Software in the Cloud = The $99 Computer

We’re a mobile society.  We like things now, the way we want them, without deviation.  Cloud computing, at least in the beginning, will force all users to retrain themselves in how they use computer hardware and software in terms of flexibility and mobility.  As you might be noticing throughout our series, cloud computing restricts the digital experience in one sense and expands it in another.  The shifts that cloud computing bring will not only be in the concepts of online security in the cloud but the concepts of hardware and software will shift as well.

The Advent of Consumable Hardware

Cloud computing will spell the end of traditional hardware setups as more and more of the required computing power is done offsite rather than through the local computer.  Existing cloud-based systems are already decreasing the dependence of the local computer by allowing you to access and view everything from any device, whether it’s from your iPhone or a friend’s computer.  I’ve talked about Google’s Chromebook in the past and this is only the beginning of a new trend – one that threatens traditional business models…  Computers will become more consumable and will either be offered at cheap prices to encourage the use of a particular cloud based system or will be offered at a subscription rate and you will pay as you go.  Since cloud computing decreases the dependence of the local machine, it is easy for me to see a computer system existing soon that can be replaced for $99 rather than warranting necessary repair or upgrade.  This advance will change how companies like LaptopMD operate.  As we have for the past 15 years, though, we will continue to adapt to the changing technology market and continue to bring our expertise to bear.  Technology service companies will always be needed and small business support will be a growing market in the coming years for us as companies look to outsource their hardware needs (even though they’ll be going to the cloud). Continue reading

Trust in the Cloud – Will You Be Safe?

Security in the Cloud

Yesterday, I shared with you the new era of cloud computing and explained how online web applications will eventually replace our traditional operating systems.  In this post I look at the security issues with putting your entire digital life in the cloud.

Do you trust others with protecting and taking care of your sensitive data, photos, and other important computer documents?

Computer security is a top priority and as we’ve learned with viruses and related hoaxes the best defense against such attacks is often placed on the end user (the person who uses the files).  Where trust is one-dimensional in traditional computing practices, cloud computing requires placing trust of your ‘system’ in the hands of individuals who may or may not have your particular interests in the forefront of their mind.  Today, I look at how individuals will have to share the trust (often forcibly so) of their cloud ‘systems’ with others or be restrained by the decisions of others in terms of security, safety, data retrieval. Continue reading