When Technology Fails, Part 2: Fighting Back

A corollary to Murphy’s Law says that your fancy, expensive, shiny piece of technologyHow do you fix a wet cell phone? will choose to break when you need it most. Especially if it’s a piece of tech that you absolutely rely on. Luckily, there’s usually a simple trick that will fix things, at least enough to get you by. Yahoo! News has put together a list of 6 common problems and solutions, and we have a couple of comments to add:

1)Touchscreen phones that won’t work with gloves on:

Yahoo!’s Becky Worley recommends cutting a hole in your gloves or buying a fancy stylus. Fine solutions, if you don’t mind a hole in your gloves or a stylus that falls to the furthest reaches of your bag or pocket and passes through a magical gateway to an alternate dimension, never to be seen again. There’s a simpler way, though, two of them in fact. The first is to buy double-layer gloves with a Thinsulate layer, then strip one of the fingers (I do the thumb) of it’s outer layer. The black Thinsulate material is thin enough that it registers on touch-screen devices while still keeping your fingers relatively toasty. The other solutions is to just buy fingerless gloves with an optional mitten part -you know what I’m talking about- and pull a finger out whenever you need to use the phone. No cutting, no freezing, yes phone.

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