Now It’s Easy to Jailbreak or Unlock your iPhone

c.  The change was made in response to customer backlash against Apple’s restriction of iPhone applications, in particular software that allows the customer to “unlock” or “jailbreak” their phone for additional functionality.   The Library of Congress announced “that it was legal to bypass a phone’s controls on what software it will run to get ‘lawfully obtained’ programs to work” according to the New York Times.  Read more from New York Time’s article, In Ruling on iPhones, Apple Loses a Bit of Its Grip.

What Does this Mean for iPhone Users?

Jailbreaking Apple iPhone

As the cellphone owner, you are now allowed to run any software and phone applications of your choice on your iPhone.  This ruling allows users to choose what they want on their iPhone and the ruling also makes it easier to do this without voiding your warranty – you can now jailbreak your iPhone, continue using your iPhone with any wireless carrier and use any iPhone applications of your choice.

This is great news for people who like to customize their iPhone.   iPhone hobbyists are always eager to use certain features and programs on their phones that Apple had limited or failed to offer.

So, if you want to jailbreak or unlock your iphone come to LaptopMD and let us unlock even more possibilities on your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G.

Speeding Up Your Slow Computer

Too Desktop Icons, How to remove desktop icons and make your computer run faster.
What makes your computer slow ?

Often times you might ask yourself why your computer is running slow.  When people bring in their computers and laptops for repair this is one of our most often asked questions.  Read below for common problems that will cause your computer to run slow and easy solutions to speed your computer up.

What makes your PC run slow?

  • Constantly working with a lot of files (moving, copying, deleting) will slow down your computer and use computer processes that are reserved for other functions.
  • Similarly, keeping several computer programs open at once can bog down system resources.  This is true, especially for certain programs that perform higher end functions, such as image manipulation programs – like Adobe Photoshop, movie editing programs, and design programs.  Video game programs can also slow down your computer system.
  • The computer’s processor speed is a factor in many cases.  Each computer is limited by its hardware (the processor) to the number of simultaneous functions it can perform.  If you are running or editing multiple programs or files, as described above, your processor will get bogged down and not be able to perform the needed tasks.  Your computer may simply have an outdated processor or the tasks you need to perform may outpace the ability of your computer’s processor.  The computer engineers at LaptopMD can look at your computer and, based on your needs, we can recommend a new computer processor which will help you perform at the most efficient level.
  • Related to processor speed and multiple computer processes, your computer speed can be affected by the computer’s RAM or the amount of available memory available to your computer.  All programs and tasks take a certain amount of memory while in use.  The amount of RAM can be increased in most computer models to allow for more user activity on the computer.
  • Windows, program, and other computer animations can also slow down your computer.  Playing video games, watching videos online and running programs with intense animation may take a lot of processing speed and use large amounts of RAM.  Animation is a common problem that can significantly slow your PC down.
  • Cookies, registry processes, and an internet browser’s cache are information files stored by programs to remember internet preferences, program settings, and other temporary files.  Over a period of time, these can accumulate and slow your computer down.  To prevent the cache, cookies, and registry processes from slowing down your computer see our solutions section, after the jump (click the ‘Read the rest of this entry’ link below).

All of these problems can be remedied either by modifying your computer’s hardware, talking with a computer expert (at LaptopMD), or by reviewing our easy solutions section after the jump (click the ‘Read the rest of this entry’ link below).  Reply in the comments with any questions you might have and we’ll help you out!

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