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Un-Plug For A Day!

Spring is here. It’s a beautiful day outside. Enjoy it…without technology!

no wifi

Don’t get us wrong, no one knows better than the medics that technology is wonderful. There are devices and Apps that augment pretty much every aspect of our life, but sometimes overexposure can be a bad thing.

Have you ever looked up at a restaurant and seen everyone on their phone while waiting for their meal? Do you know someone who twiddles their fingers on social media all day, but can barely hold a conversation? What about that gamer friend who spends the most beautiful days of the season inside trying to get to level 11?

“Sorry, can’t make it today…real busy”

Sometimes we’re all victims of the wide grasp of technology, which can chip away at our human connection. Many of us see human beings as twitter avatars and text blocks instead of interesting, multifaceted people with things to say.

Again, this is not to say that technology isn’t awesome, or that our reliance on technology is always voluntary. In New York City, productivity is vital, and many businesses keep their employees within a couple milliseconds of work with technology. The average employee is inundated with e-mails, PowerPoints, calendars and all other kinds of notifications keeping them bogged down in work. Students are seemingly stuck to a laptop for six months at a time, studying for this or that.

In those cases, it’s vital to simply unplug once in a while. Decompress. Studies show that when you take a vacation from familiar surroundings, you come back to it with fresh perspective, keeping you from that dreaded burnout. Even if you can’t get to the Bahamas or Florida, take a mental vacation. Unplug!

I need a vacation…

Take a full day to enjoy New York City without the aid or distraction of technology! Take your phone with you in case of emergency of course, but don’t use it if you don’t have to!

Set out with a friend with nowhere in mind. Don’t use yelp to find a restaurant, just walk into one. Better yet, go into a neighborhood and ask someone what’s good to eat. Talk to people.

Don’t use a GPS, get lost in the city. You never know what kind of neighborhoods you’ll find, what experiences you’ll run into. Make new friends. Sit in the park and watch people. Don’t take pictures, keep a mental image you can share in stories for the rest of your life. Whatever you do, affirm the beauty of life without technology, just for a moment. Sometimes we all have to unplug.

aerial view
It’s a big city, find your space in it.

If you have any really great stories from your unplug day, we’d love to share them with our audience. Just e-mail us at pr@laptopmd.com.