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What would you like to get fixed?

Located in Midtown Manhattan near Penn Station and serving all five boroughs, LaptopMD is a full-service computer repair company specializing in computer repair, iPhone repair and data recovery. Since we began in 1999, many other repair services have started in NYC, many of which have “borrowed” our theme. We were here first. Here’s the proof.

Copycats can steal the name, but can’t imitate the respect, component level expertise, and positive press in outlets such as CNN, CBS & WSJ.

We believe in treating you right by offering completely free estimates on all repair jobs and, unlike Best Buy and Staples, we won’t start your repair job until you agree to the full price. For your convenience, we’re open 7 days a week with access to all major subway lines.

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The benefits of LaptopMD:

  • Free Estimates;
  • Expert engineers at your service;
  • Free, while you wait estimates;
  • Customer oriented service;
  • Open 7 days a week;
  • You don’t need an appointment;
  • Open till 8 o’clock on weekdays;
  • We can recover all your data: photos, contacts, apps;
  • Located in Midtown Manhattan near Penn Station.
Manish E.'s Review Manish E.
5 Stars

Fixed my iPhone 5s and didn't even charge me!

The port on my iPhone 5S wasn't working. I tried cleaning it out and no luck. It wouldn't charge. I came in...

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Shamire J.'s Review Shamire J.
5 Stars

I may owe them my first born. Came back from vacation last Sunday and my charger short-circuited my phone. I hadn't backed up my phone since July 2014, so...

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Quandra T.'s Review Quandra T.
5 Stars

Sooo, my laptop (affectionately named Kumiyo when I first booted her up 5 years ago) has been closing off-kilter for a couple of weeks and I thought nothing...

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