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How to Use a Laptop Abroad

by Vladimir Sobur Posted July 22, 2016 in Computer, Computer Advice, Newsletter

It is high time you go on vacation. Everyone deserves some time away from the realities of the daily grind. Anyway, these days most of us want to stay connected at all times. This includes when we are on vacation.

How to Use a Laptop Abroad. LaptopMD

Although some people get by with a phone or tablet, many people want to bring their laptops with them on vacation. If you are getting ready to head out on vacation with your laptop packed for the trip, follow these tips to ensure that your laptop will be ready and safe while you travel.

Back up all your data
If you do bring your laptop on your trip, the first step you need to make before you leave is to backup all your files. There are a few options to do this(CarboniteIbackupCrashplan).

How to Use a Laptop Abroad. LaptopMD

You can backup your files onto an external hard drive. You can also use an online data storage service.

Encrypt the important files
You should also encrypt all your important files with passwords before you leave. This will prevent a thief from stealing sensitive information if your laptop gets stolen while you are on the road.

How to Use a Laptop Abroad. LaptopMD

In addition, bringing a USB stick with your operating system on it will be invaluable if you develop hard drive problems on the road.

Power problems
Power problems are one of the most common difficulties travelers face with their laptops.

How to Use a Laptop Abroad. LaptopMD

It is a good idea to bring a second battery with you to use when you are forced to go a long time between power outlets while you are on the road.

Most AC adapters sold with computers today will convert any country’s voltage into the proper voltage they need to operate. However, it is a good idea to bring a surge protector with you when you travel. This is especially important in developing countries where the power grid may not be in the best condition.

Travel case
The last thing you want is your laptop to be stolen or damage while you are traveling. Make sure to bring a sturdy travel case with you to protect your laptop.

How to Use a Laptop Abroad. LaptopMD

Never let the bag with your laptop in it out of your sight when you are in public. It is also a good idea to keep your laptop secure in your hotel. Taking it out with you into public makes you a target for thieves.

The last preparation
Once you are on your trip, you will find it very inconvenient if your laptop breaks down. To prevent this, you can bring your laptop in to the computer experts at LaptopMD. We will thoroughly inspect your device and ensure that everything is prepared to ensure your laptop works well while you are enjoying your journey. We wish you the best on your vacation. Come in and see us before you leave to keep your device safe.

How To Choose A Right Bag For Laptop?

by Vladimir Sobur Posted July 8, 2016 in Buying Guides, General, Newsletter

If you own a laptop that makes you feel proud, you probably want to do everything you can to defend it from harm. That’s why it’s crucial to get a special bag that’s designed exclusively to protect your compact computer.

How To Choose A Right Bag For Laptop. LaptopMD

Thankfully, there are many varieties of exciting, stylish and effective laptop bags available to purchase.

Laptop sleeves are a popular option. Sleeves are sleek and streamlined protective options that are suitable for people who wish to avoid big and bulky bags. Laptop sleeves are so thin and convenient that you can often even easily place them inside of your other bags.

How To Choose A Right Bag For Laptop. LaptopMD

If you have a roomy rucksack, your laptop sleeve should be able to fit easily inside of it.

Shoulder bags
Shoulder bags that are reminiscent of briefcases are also available. There are even laptop bags that look and function just like briefcases themselves.

How To Choose A Right Bag For Laptop. LaptopMD

If you’re interested in a laptop bag that can give a polished, professional and serious impression to others, going the briefcase route may make an optimal choice for you.

Backpack laptop bags
Backpack laptop bags can be helpful for people who are constantly on the go. If you lead a hectic lifestyle and find that you don’t always have a lot of time, a backpack laptop bag may be a wise choice for you.

How To Choose A Right Bag For Laptop. LaptopMD

These bags can also be great for people who don’t often have spare hands. If you’re always looking at your phone or holding a bottled water or cup of coffee while you’re walking from point A to point B, keeping your laptop secure in a backpack may just work like a charm.

Customize your bag
A couple other dependable, attractive and practical laptop protection options include rolling laptop bags and messenger bags. Some people even choose to customize their laptop bags.

How To Choose A Right Bag For Laptop. LaptopMD

If you want to invest in a one-of-a-kind bag for your laptop, custom choices may be ideal.

And finally….
Now that you know more about extensive selection of laptop bags around. A laptop bag is only accessory which can protect your working device. But if you have any problem with your laptop, tablet or other devices or you need a quick visit from the computer doctor, you can find help at Laptop MD.

How To Prevent Laptop From Overheating

by Vladimir Sobur Posted June 24, 2016 in Computer, Computer Advice, Newsletter

As the summer weather heats up, you might take notice of how the change in temperature affects the performance of your laptop computer. . What can you do about this?

Protect your laptop from overheating -  LaptopMD

Use our helpful guidelines on how to protect the precious components inside your laptop by preventing it from overheating.

Elevation is the Key to Keeping Your Laptop Cool
The position of the venting fan in the bottom of the unit makes it important to always place the laptop on a flat, hard surface when in use. This could be a table top, tray table, lap desk or even a wooden cutting board.

Protect your laptop from overheating -  LaptopMD

The soft, malleable surfaces such as a pillow, cushion, quilted fabric, carpet or a plush sofa all cling to the underside of a laptop and cut off any possibility of ventilation. The answer: Elevation.

Methods of creating better airflow through elevation include:
1. Propping up the computer using a small book.
2. A commercially-made, ventilated, adjustable laptop stand available on such sites as Amazon, Newegg or Best Buy.
3. A laptop cooling mat made by some of the following manufacturers: Thermaltake, LapGear, Xion, Targus.
4. Use an external heat sink, which uses a thermal conductor to draw and dissipate the heat away from the CPU.

All of these ideas, and even some you might creatively invent, allow enough of a lift, tilt or cooling surface to provide airflow and help to prevent overheating.

The Technical Approach
Adjusting the settings on your laptop to maximize energy saving mode helps lower the draw on the battery cell during use or inactivity.

Protect your laptop from overheating -  LaptopMD

It is simpler for Windows users to go in and change settings than it is for Mac users.
The following power usage adjustments can be made:
1. Reduce screen brightness
2. Reduce the timer for sleep mode while on battery power
3. Reduce the timer to turn off the screen from inactivity
4. Reduce the apps that run in the background
5. Engage power saver mode
You can click on the battery icon to access these options or go into settings from the start menu.

At LaptopMD, we know these are the best methods to extend the life of your laptop battery while preventing your computer from overheating.

12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life. Part #2

by Vladimir Sobur Posted June 19, 2016 in Newsletter

Having an iPhone with enough battery life to get you to your next charging station is important for everyone. It’s a terrible feeling to need your phone only to find out that it has unknowingly died in your pocket.

12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD

The second part of tips can help you extend your battery life so that you can use your phone when you need it most.

7. Dim that Screen
The LED screen on the iPhone provides you with beautiful picture quality, so it can be tempting to turn the brightness all the way up to enjoy it to the fullest extent.

12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD

This can drain the life out of your battery quickly, though, so as tempting as it is, if you want to save your battery life, dim your screen.

8. Don’t Neglect Updates
It may seem like a pain to constantly update the apps on your phone, but most of the time it is worth it.

12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD

Many updates feature bug fixes that can improve the way the app runs and decrease battery usage as well.

9. Put Those Emails to Sleep
It’s always nice to get a notification when a new email hits your inbox, but the constant push can quickly drain the life from your battery. If you don’t need to receive notifications for new emails, you can fetch your email manually by going to Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Fetch New Data.

12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD

Make sure Push is off, and you can set it up to fetch the mail at certain intervals or set it to manually fetch mail.

10. iPhones Need Rest, Too
If you never Auto-Lock your phone, your screen will remain on, draining that precious battery life. It’s a good idea to allow your phone to sleep when you aren’t using it, and you can do this by going to Settings, General, and then Auto-Lock.

12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD

Choosing the shortest time possible (usually 1 minute) will put your phone to sleep quickly and save your battery from working overtime.

11. Geotag No More
It can be fun to look back and see all of the places you’ve been, but it really isn’t necessary, especially when it drains your battery to have Location Services on at all times. There are many apps that utilize Location Services unnecessarily, so it is a good idea to turn the setting off until you actually need to use it.

12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD

You can do this by going to Settings, Privacy, Location Services and then turning it off. Whenever you use an app that needs to use it, you will be prompted to turn it on once again.

12. Stop Sharing
If you aren’t constantly sharing files over Air Drop or Bluetooth, there is no reason to keep these features on, slowly draining your battery throughout the day.

12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD

You can deactivate both of these features by swiping up on your screen to bring up your phone’s Control Panel and then making sure that neither of these is highlighted, indicating that they are active. If they are, simply touch each one to turn them off.

It is not the end…
Now you know almost everything there is to know about saving your valuable iPhone’s battery life.

12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD

These very simple tips can make a big difference and may mean that you have your phone when you need it most. But if you ever need help, LaptopMD is always here for you.

12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life. Part #1

by Vladimir Sobur Posted June 12, 2016 in Apple, Apple Devices, iPhone, Newsletter, Phone

We’ve all been here…you leave the house in a hurry with your phone in hand, but you forget to grab your charger. As the day goes on, you watch your battery draining and know that the battery will die before you get home to charge it.

12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD

No one wants to be left with a dead phone. iPhones are amazing devices, but so often the battery doesn’t last as long as you would like it to. There are many ways you can extend the life of your iPhone’s battery by simply changing a few settings.

1. Use Low Power Mode:
One of the best parts of iOS 9 is your ability to change your phone to Low Power Mode to extend your battery life. Your iPhone will automatically prompt you to engage the Low Power Mode once your battery dips down to 20%.

12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD

Simply click the button that will send you into Low Power Mode. You will most likely not notice any difference in the way your phone is functioning in this mode.

2. Don’t Share
Your Every Move: It can be nice to keep in touch with friends and family and let them know where you are. iOS 9 has a feature that allows you to share your location with your friends and family in Messages. While it is nice for people to know where you are, is it really important that they see your every move?
12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD
This little feature can aid in draining your battery. One way to extend your battery life is to shut off this feature.

3. Kill Hungry Apps:
You may not realize it, but some apps are more hungry than others and eat away at your battery life all day long. In desperation, you may often go into your phone and try to close all of the apps, trying to save your battery life. However, now you have another option. If you go into Settings and click on Battery Life, you can see which apps are most proficient at draining your battery.
12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD
Close the apps with the highest percentage of battery drain in the last 24 hours. Social media apps are often the worst culprits, but after a few times of checking this feature, you’ll get to know which ones should be closed and which can remain open.

4. Stop Apps Refreshing in the Background.
Whenever you are on WI-FI or even on your mobile network (which is pretty much all the time), your phone is working overtime trying to make sure that all of your apps are refreshed for you. You can extend your battery life by turning this feature off completely, or you can turn it off app by app by going to Settings, General, and then Background App Refresh.
12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD
Your apps will then refresh only when you open them, and your battery will not have to work overtime when you aren’t using the apps anyway.

5. Don’t Close Every App:
This sounds counter-intuitive, as we have been taught that if the battery life is draining that we must close each and every app. Believe it or not, the new operating system is designed to efficiently handle apps running in the background.
12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD
Closing the app and then reopening a sleeping app over and over again wastes more battery life than simply having the app open in the background. So if you have a few apps that you continually use, it is okay to leave them running in the background.

6. Use WI-FI Wherever Possible:
You may have been told to turn off your WI-FI to save battery life, but the opposite is actually true.
12 Ways To Increase Your IPhone Battery Life from LaptopMD
Using mobile data uses far more of your battery life than using WI-FI, so whenever possible, have your WI-FI setting on and connect to the local WI-FI.
To be continued…..