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LaptopMD For On-Site IT Needs

by Vladimir Sobur Posted October 22, 2016 in Newsletter

Your busy life is hectic, and LaptopMD understands just how precious your time is. That is why we make house calls!

LaptopMD For On-Site IT Needs

Whether to a business or home, when LaptopMD makes a service call, be assured that we dispatch only highly experienced, certified technicians.

Who Can We Help?
For your small business or office, we offer complete IT support on a regular or as-needed basis. Whether it is setting up new equipment, performing routine system maintenance, troubleshooting network issues, training your staff, or installing/removing software, our responsive, reliable service keeps your business up and running.

LaptopMD For On-Site IT Needs

If you need software customized, we can do it! You receive professional, worry-free IT support at reasonable rates.

About Our Services

  • At your convenience, our technicians:
  • Set up your computer network to your specifications
  • Resolve software problems
  • Install programs or remove unnecessary ones

LaptopMD For On-Site IT Needs

  • Offer computer training
  • Customize software to fit your needs
  • Troubleshoot and resolve network issues
  • Remove minor viruses, malware, and more

What Makes Us The Trusted Physicians?
Allowing someone into the privacy of your home is a serious concern. LaptopMD understands and operates with the highest integrity. Check our hundreds of positive reviews. We provide safe, in-home set-up, repair, and troubleshooting service for all computers and electronics. Our many, satisfied customers include telecommuters with software problems and clients with family PC issues.

LaptopMD For On-Site IT Needs

No problem is too big or too small; our reliable technicians can resolve them, usually on the same day. We save you the trouble of packing up your electronics and taking them to the shop, convenience with affordable rates.

What Areas Do We Serve?
Our premium on-site service is offered in Queens, Brooklyn within 1-3 stops of Manhattan, and Manhattan.

What If The Work Cannot Be Done On-Site Or Parts Are Needed?
On our initial call and evaluation, we arrive with the equipment and tools needed to diagnose and repair your electronics. While we complete most repairs on-site, on rare occasions, repairs may need to be performed at the shop or require special parts. Our managers keep you advised of the repair’s turnaround time and will prorate our on-site charge.

Appreciate your time!
Our convenient, on-the-spot service saves you the most precious resource – time. See for yourself why we earned the trust of New York and the Better Business Bureau.

LaptopMD For On-Site IT Needs

Trust that LaptopMD is on call and ready to diagnose the problem. We work seven days a week. Call us today!



How To Clear Your Cache On Any Browser

by Vladimir Sobur Posted in Computer Advice, Customer Care, Newsletter, Tips for Devices

Whether you use a PC or Mac, your device will slow down eventually. “Clear your browser cache” is among the first diagnostic steps you will hear from tech people. A cache is a section on your hard disk where the browser keeps files that it downloaded earlier in case they’re needed again. However, too much in your cache could be slowing your device down.

How To Clear Your Cache On Any Browser with LaptopMD

Bottom line: It is usually a good idea to clear your browser cache once in a while to ensure that things run smoothly. Here is how to go about the process.

Clearing Safari’s cache
Step One: Launch the browser then select Safari in the upper-left corner of the main menu bar. Afterward, select the “Preferences” option near the top of the drop-down menu. A new window with Safari’s settings will pop up. Navigate over to the Privacy category. In the window that appears, click the “Remove All Website Data” button. This is the easiest way to clear your browser cache.

How To Clear Your Cache On Any Browser with LaptopMD

Step One: Open the “Preferences dialog” then click the Advanced icon. Check the “Show Develop menu” in the menu bar. A new Develop drop-down menu option will appear to the left of the Window as well as Help menu options.
Step Two: Close any running Safari window then select Empty Caches on the Develop menu.

Clearing Chrome’s cache
Step one: Click on the Chrome menu in the upper-right corner, besides the address bar.
Step two: Do any of the following.
• Navigate to Tools > Clear browsing data.
• Alternatively, you can use the Ctrl + Shift + Delete combination.
– Windows or Linux – press CTRL + Shift + Delete
– Mac OS X – press Command + Shift + Delete
• Click Menu > Settings > Show advanced settings > Clear browsing data.

How To Clear Your Cache On Any Browser with LaptopMD

Step three: A pop-up will appear on your screen. In the resulting dialog, check any browsing data that you wish to delete.
Final step: Click the “Clear browsing data” button to clear your cache.

Clearing Firefox’s cache
The process is pretty much the same as clearing data in Chrome. Click CTRL + Shift + Delete to launch the “Clear Recent History dialog box.” Tick the box next to cache and choose a time range from the drop-down menu, and click “Clear Now.” If your problem persists, try these approaches.
Step One: Launch the options dialog box by either hitting the “Alt” button or clicking the hamburger menu in the upper right side of your browser. If you use the “Alt” button, you will see the pull-down menus from where you will select Tools > Options. But if you use the hamburger menu, click Options.

How To Clear Your Cache On Any Browser with LaptopMD

Step two: Select the Advanced tab on the right side of the navigation bar then select the Network sub-tab underneath. Go ahead and click the button “Clear Now” and click “OK” to proceed.

One more option!
If you are still facing the same problem even after clearing your browser cache, consider changing your HDD into SSD. Alternatively, you can scan your device for viruses or visit us for more information.

How To Back Up Your IPhone, IPad Properly

by Vladimir Sobur Posted October 7, 2016 in Apple Devices, Customer Care, Newsletter

Every time Apple releases a new phone, the world goes into a frenzy. There are the die-hards who will wait for hours on end to be one of the first to purchase the new iPhone. Once the dust has settled, and people start to adopt the new phone and want to use it, a sudden dread comes over them. How do you take all the apps, photos, and everything else on your old phone and move it to the new phone?

How To Back Up Your IPhone, IPad Properly from LaptopMD

For some, letting the techs at the Apple Store deal with is a great option. However, that means even more waiting for someone else to do something that is very easy for even the most novice technology user. You simply have to back up the old phone, either to iTunes or to iCloud, and then restore that backup to your new phone. Before you say that you could never figure it out, read through these simple directions and see how simple it really is.

Backing Up Your iPhone To iTunes
This is really quite a simple process, and even people who have a hard time navigating the Internet should be able to do it.

How To Back Up Your IPhone, IPad Properly from LaptopMD

  • Be sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on the computer.
  • Open iTunes, and connect your iPhone to the computer using the the charging cable.
  • You may receive a message asking if you trust the computer, or to enter your passcode. If you do, follow the prompts.
  • Once your iPhone is connected, you will want to select your phone from within iTunes. This will automatically put you on the Summary screen.
  • There is a section called “Backups”, you will want to select “This Computer” and then select “Backup Now”.
Backing Up Your iPhone To iCloud
  • Connect your iPhone to your home Wi-Fi network. You do not want to transfer all the data over a cellular connection, as it may use all of your monthly available data.

How To Back Up Your IPhone, IPad Properly from LaptopMD

  • Tap the Settings app, then scroll down and tap iCloud.
  • Next, scroll to “Backup”, and tap that.
  • Be sure “Cloud Backup” it toggled to the green.
  • Finally, select “Back Up Now”.
  • Be sure to leave the phone connect to the network until the backup is complete. You may also wish to plug the phone in while it is backing up.

An alternative choice!
With either method, it may take a little time to back up everything on your device, depending on the capacity of your device and what you have stored. At LaptopMD, we hope that everything is clear that you do not have any trouble transferring your information to your new iPhone.

How To Back Up Your IPhone, IPad Properly from LaptopMD

If you do run into trouble, and you cannot figure out how to make it work successfully, visit our convenient location in Manhattan and one of our dedicated experts will help you.

4 ways to protect your laptop in cold weather

by Vladimir Sobur Posted September 30, 2016 in Computer Advice, Customer Care, Newsletter, Tips for Devices

When fall and winter arrive, and the temperatures drop, it is a good idea to consider the impact that cold weather can have on your laptop. We know heat can damage our equipment, but too often we forget about the effects that can result from extreme cold, which can damage your battery, corrupt your hard drive, prevent your screen from displaying correctly, and even cause your screen to shatter.

how to protect a laptop in cold weather. Advice from LaptopMD

Here, with the compliments of your friends at LaptopMD, are four ways you can keep your laptop safe in cold weather.

Avoid using your laptop in extremely cold weather
Most laptops are built to operate between 50 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 35 C). Some laptops can operate below freezing, but many will be damaged if you attempt to do so. Clearly, therefore, you should avoid using the laptop in an area where the temperature has dropped below freezing.

how to protect a laptop in cold weather. Advice from LaptopMD

Move into a car or a sheltered area where the temperature is higher before turning it on.

Protect your laptop when traveling in cold weather.
Exposure to cold comes most often when traveling. Protect your computer by keeping it in a well padded and insulated case when moving around, particularly when the temperature drops below freezing and when the wind can lower the effective temperature even further.

how to protect a laptop in cold weather. Advice from LaptopMD

Should the bag become wet, your laptop could be exposed to moisture damage. Avoid turning it on until you are sure the laptop is dry.

Avoid storing your laptop in an extremely cold place.
Even should you have a case that keeps the laptop well protected, avoid leaving the laptop in an exposed space, such as a trunk, for an extended period of time during extremely cold weather. If exposed to extreme cold for an hour, your laptop could freeze and you could lose all your data. Freezing can also damage your battery and the screen could die.

Allow time for your laptop to warm up.
When you move your laptop from exposure to extreme cold temperatures outside to room temperature inside, let the laptop warm up for about a quarter of an hour and become accustomed to the warmer temperature before turning it on. Should you turn on your laptop too early, the screen and inside hardware might be damaged to such an extent that it cannot be repaired.

how to protect a laptop in cold weather. Advice from LaptopMD

Avoid using an artificial means of heating the computer, such as a space heater or hair drier. Bringing the machine into a warm area quickly could also cause condensation to build up. Be aware of that and give the computer time to dry out and recover.

The last
We at LaptopMD hope that these measures help you to avoid the problems that overcooling could cause your computer.

How to create secure and memorable password

by Vladimir Sobur Posted September 23, 2016 in Computer Advice, Customer Care, General, Newsletter

We’re required to have a multiplicity of online accounts in order to access many basic services nowadays, from email to banking to healthcare provider portals. Each one of these online services needs its own unique password, but creating and remembering passwords for so many different services is daunting for even the most tech-savvy individuals.

How to create a secure password from LaptopMD

That’s why we here at LaptopMD have come up with the following collection of tips and tricks for crafting memorable passwords that are safe, too.

Basic guidelines
A strong password is:
  • a good minimum password length is 12 characters;
  • try to include 3 out of 4 of the following: numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters;

How to create a secure password from LaptopMD

  • definitely avoid using dictionary words, either single or in combination, as password crackers often use dictionary files to guess passwords.

Bruce Schneier’s Method
Back in 2008, Bruce Schneier came up with a method that still works today. In short, the method is to shorten a sentence that you can remember into an acronym.As Schneier writes: “My advice is to take a sentence and turn it into a password. Something like “This little piggy went to market” might become “tlpWENT2m”. That nine-character password won’t be in anyone’s dictionary.” You can also just take the first letter or two of each work in the passphrase and generate an acronym that way. Interestingly enough, this can be far more secure than merely using the longer passphrase as your password.

Reverse the phrase
Come up with something memorable but too worried about its guessability? Try reversing the phrase. This trick can turn practically any series of words into gibberish.

How to create a secure password from LaptopMD

Combined with mixing up the capitalization and extra symbols and numbers, you can create an easy to recall yet random-appearing passphrase.

Include extra spaces
Did you know you can include spaces in your password on most sites? This little-used trick can do a lot to improve your password’s security,

How to create a secure password from LaptopMD

especially when placing the spaces randomly within the phrase.

Random Password Generator Site
You can also turn to online password generators to easily create a random series of characters without giving it too much thought. PasswordsGenerator is the most popular of these owning to the sheer variety of options it provides,

How to create a secure password from LaptopMD

but there are dozens of other sites available too. The only trick, of course, is remembering the password afterwards.

For us at LaptopMD, your computer health is our passion. Part of digital health depends on having strong defenses against attackers.

How to create a secure password from LaptopMD

Make sure to follow our password advice, and you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe and secure.