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5 Ways Tech Helps the Disabled

by Andre Gee Posted May 20, 2015 in Blog Categories, Customer Care, Newsletter, TechBuzz

Technology is ubiquitous. Everywhere we turn, there’s a new device or application to augment our productivity. There’s something for everyone, including the less fortunate. Luckily there aren’t just engineers who develop content to keep people entertained on the train, there are some who use their acumen to support the mentally and physically impaired. Here are just a few of the wonderful developments we’ve heard of:


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Un-Plug For A Day!

by Andre Gee Posted May 13, 2015 in Blog Categories, Customer Care

Spring is here. It’s a beautiful day outside. Enjoy it…without technology!

no wifi

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10 Awesome Apple Watch Apps

by Andre Gee Posted May 6, 2015 in Apple Devices, TechBuzz, Tips for Devices

apple watch

So, you took the plunge huh? You figured since they glued the Apple Watch companion App to your phone, might as well get one right? Millions of others thought the same way. Now that you have an Apple Watch, just what are you supposed to do with the thing? Well, put it on first. Then try these Apps out:

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10 Questions with An App Developer!

by Andre Gee Posted April 30, 2015 in Newsletter, TechBuzz

Have you ever been playing an App and thought, “I wonder if I could make something like this.” It’s possible, and not as hard as you think! App Development is a burgeoning field, and with the emergence of phones as our primary devices, it can be a lucrative one!

Michael Williams

Michael Williams, App Developer

We caught up with Michael Williams, director and developer at Flush Arcade, an App Development studio that’s released their debut App, Monkey Trippers for both the iOS and Windows platforms. If you’re interested in App Development, absorb some of the knowledge Michael has to offer!

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Apple vs. Android vs. ????

by Andre Gee Posted April 17, 2015 in Apple, Apple Devices, TechBuzz

iphone android

A little variety is needed with everything. No one wants a plate full of veggies, or a plate full of meat (well, most of us don’t). Why should we settle for such a monopoly in the phone market?

Apple, Android and Windows phone account for 95% of the modern phone market, but there are at least a half dozen other open source operating systems. Why don’t we hear more about them? Why are the politics behind our most integral modern device ran by pretty much two companies?

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