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Apple vs. Android vs. ????

by Andre Gee Posted April 17, 2015 in Apple, Apple Devices, TechBuzz

iphone android

A little variety is needed with everything. No one wants a plate full of veggies, or a plate full of meat (well, most of us don’t). Why should we settle for such a monopoly in the phone market?

Apple, Android and Windows phone account for 95% of the modern phone market, but there are at least a half dozen other open source operating systems. Why don’t we hear more about them? Why are the politics behind our most integral modern device ran by pretty much two companies?

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20 Useful Computer Shortcuts!

by Andre Gee Posted April 10, 2015 in Apple Devices, Computer Advice, Newsletter, Tips for Devices


Everyone knows CTRL+ALT+DELETE. I think even Apple users have tried it a couple times. Windows’ famous keyboard combination for rebooting your computer actually started as an internal “Easter egg”, only meant for Microsoft engineers and developers. Word of the combination got out though, and the rest is history. Read More

CryptoWall of Doom

by Andre Gee Posted March 31, 2015 in Computer Advice, Computer Maintenance, Computer Security, Customer Care, TechBuzz


If you’re e-mailing, be very careful what files you open. Cryptowalls are Super-Viruses, and they can ruin all the data on your computer.

Cryptowalls generally come in e-mails as .PDF/.EXE file attachments, asking you to open them for more information about a question posed in an e-mail.

Once you open these files, the malicious code sweeps your computer, encrypting all your files. The infected computer receives a notepad file warning of a $500 USD ransom that goes up to $1000 in seven days. The money must be sent in bitcoins and sent to the e-mail directed.

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Are Wearables Really Worth It?

by Andre Gee Posted March 23, 2015 in Apple Devices, TechBuzz

Wearable technology is bound to usher in an entirely new experience for it’s users, but are the devices really worth the price? From the Google Glass to the the Apple Watch, wearable devices promise an extra level of convenience, but at what cost? Will the price-points scare away the casual crowd?

In this day and age, there are very few technological advances that could have the practicality and perceived necessity of a cell phone or MP3 player. Having a consistent line of communication is important, having a watch that keeps one from reaching in their pocket…less so.

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Anything but EasyTechs

by Andre Gee Posted March 19, 2015 in Computer Advice, Customer Care, Small Business Support

Many consumers consider services such as Best Buy, Staples and the Genius Bar the way to go when it comes to device repair. We live in a world that’s increasingly becoming defined by large corporations flouting their presence and fooling people into believing quantity = quality. Many customers with broken laptops, phones, tablets and more genuinely believe that the aforementioned device services should be their first stop for no other reason than knowing the brand name.

To conclude this series, we will explain the truth about the Staples EasyTechs:

Staples is not primarily known for computer repair. The office supply giant keeps its EasyTech program low-key.’s homepage shows no mention of the repair service. Why is it barely advertised?

According to extensive complaints:

The service is focused on profit and upselling more than any other factor.

Many of their Easy Techs are unqualified for true component level repair, more adept at upselling to consumers.
If a customer truly needs an internal repair (such as a new motherboard), their computer is sent off to a repair depot with a 2 star Yelp rating.

Anything But.

Oh, and the depot uses replacement parts. Maybe that’s why.

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