Price Comparison

Price Comparison

Fees and EstimatesLaptopMD – Prices in different stores may varyStaplesBest BuyApple
Turn Around TimeSame day\Next day
Available for most repairs
3-4 Days3-4 Days2-3 days
Same Day Service$45
Available on most repairs
No$100Depends on location
DiagnosticFree while you wait!
Not included for specific, time intensive repairs
Laptop and Mackbook RepairLaptopMD StaplesBest Buy
 Windows LaptopMacbook  
OS Reinstall (w/o HD)$149$199N/AN/A
Screen Replacement$150+$299+$600*In Store Estimate
Keyboard Replacement$125+$199+~$300~$300
Hinge Repair$150+$199+~$300~$300
Motherboard Repair$199+$300+$300+$300+
Touchpad Replacement$149$198+~$300~$300
Water Damage$199$350+N/AN/A
Virus Removal$140$175$289+~$300
Data Transfer$150$150~$300~$200
Battery replacementcall$175+~$300~$200
Fan Replacement$125+$225+~$300~$300
Power Jack Repair$150+$199+~$300~$300
Misc. Repair$99+$99+~$300~$300
Memory Upgrade$99+$98+$130$150**
Upgrade to SSDVaries on Size$300+N/AN/A
CD/DVD Drive Installation or Replacement$99+$148+$140$150**
iPhone RepairsiPhone 5/5C/5SiPhone 6iPhone 6 PlusiPhone 6SiPhone 6S Plus
iPhone Screen Replacement$85$99$119$149$199
iPhone Home Button Repair (no TouchID)$49$79$79$99$99
iPhone Data Recovery$199+$199+$199+$199+$199+
Charging Port Repair$69$79$79$89$89
Battery Replacement$59$69$69$99$99
iPhone Software Reset$49$49$49$49$49
Samsung GalaxyGalaxy S3Galaxy S4Galaxy S5Galaxy Note 2Galaxy Note 3 and 4
Screen Repair $125$175$199$199$249
Data Recovery$150+$150+$150+$150+$150+
Software Reset$49$49$49$49$49
LG G-series PhonesG2G3G ProG Pro 2
Screen Repair$150$200callcall
Battery Replacement$150$150callcall
Data Recovery$150+$150+$150+$150+
Software Reset$49$49$49$49
Other AndroidsMotorolaHTCNexusSony
Screen Repair$175$175$175$149$199$250 call
Battery$120$115$120$150 call
Data Recovery$150+$150+$150+$150+$150+$150+ $150+
Software Reset$49$49$49$49$49$49 $49
Data RecoveryLaptopMDStaplesBest Buy
RAID Recovery$299+N/A$1600
Hard Drive Recovery$299+$1,499$1600
USB/Flash Recovery$299+$379$249+
iPhone Recovery$199+N/AN/A
Residential ServicesLaptopMDStaplesBest Buy
Hourly Rate$150 First Hour
$125 Each Additional Hour
New Computer Setup$165 – Manhattan Only
Full Computer and OS Setup
Wireless Networking$165 – Manhattan Only
3 Devices, Available Same-Day
Cancellation Fee$0
Less Than 24 hour Notice
Remote IT SupportFree EstimateVariesVaries
Business ServicesLaptopMDStaplesBest Buy
Emergency Services$150 First Hour
$125 Each Additional Hour
Apple Consulting$150 First Hour
$125 Each Additional Hour
Managed IT$150 First Hour
$125 Each Additional Hour
Nationwide Computer RepairLaptopsDesktops
 ServiceWindows LaptopMacbookWindows DesktopMacintosh Desktop
OS Reinstall (w/o HD)$150+$200+$150+$200+
Screen Replacement$225$299+
Keyboard Replacement$150+$199+
Hinge Repair$150+$199+
Motherboard Repair$250+$350+$199+$225+
Touchpad Replacement$149+$198+
Backlight/Inverter Repair$149+$198+
Water Damage$250+$350+
Virus Removal$175$175$175$175
Data Transfer$150+$150+$150+$150+
Battery replacementcall$160+
Fan Replacement (w/Fan)$175+$225+$140+$188+
Power Jack Repair$150+$199+
Power Supply Repair$149+$174+
Misc. Hardware Repair$99+$99+$99+$99+
Misc. Software Repair$99+$99+$99+$99+
Memory Upgrade$99+$98+$79+$98+
CD/DVD Drive Installation or Replacement$99+$148+$89+$138+
* In Store Service Only
** Phone Support
*** Online Setup Only
*^ Onsite Support Only
# Same Day Service Not Available

Prices represent typical service pricing, subject to change based on availability and job complexity as well as price updates by 3rd parties. This chart should only be used for rough comparisons and does not represent any guarantees, actual or implied. Every repair is different, and we urge you to come in for your FREE ESTIMATE to determine the actual cost of your particular job. Prices in different stores may vary

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