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7 Funny Ways How To Use Your Old Laptop

Got an old laptop that is hideously outdated or on its deathbed? Your local computer and electronic repair guy take one look at it and threw up his hands in despair? No need to throw it away in the trash. Instead, get your creative juices flowing by repurposing your old computer by coming up with fun, new uses for it.
Here are a a few fun suggestions:

1 – Build a Doghouse

Assuming you have an extremely small dog like our Chiwawa (yes, LaptopMD is a dog-friendly store!), an old laptop can be re-used to provide Tiny Fido a great shelter from the wind and rain. Simply open your old laptop to the “V” position, place upside down, and secure to a firm base.

2 – Heat Up Leftovers

Instead of complaining about how the old beast was melting your thighs, now you can put that overheating old laptop to good use as a food warmer. Simply place a plate of leftovers on your old computer, press the power button, and in seconds you’ll have a steaming helping of goodness to enjoy.

For you ambitious laptop chefs, you can crack a few eggs on your sizzling computer, add herbs and green onions, and quickly whip up a delicious, fluffy omelet.

3 – Bug Zapper

An old laptop is a great way to eliminate pesky insects from your home. You can turn it on at night, using the glow of your screen to lull bugs to their doom, and then quickly snap shut the laptop, splattering fresh juice all over your defunct keyboard.

But even if the computer screen doesn’t work anymore, don’t despair! Close your laptop and use it to squash even the scariest creepy crawlies infesting your home. Nothing kills bugs dead faster than 64kb of non-functioning RAM.

4 – Kung Fu Practice

The first major test in earning your kung fu belt is breaking through a block of wood. But what if there aren’t any wooden blocks handy? If you’ve got an old laptop, you’re in luck. Have a friend hold the laptop closed and then practice your best kicks and karate chops until you’ve split that old computer right in two.

5 – Dustpan

Whenever there’s a mess to clean up, it always seems like the broom is easy to find but the dustpan has disappeared. Luckily, that ultra-thin monitor screen on your old laptop makes for a perfect dustpan. With a few quick strokes of the broom, you can scoop up all the dirt and mess in your house with the aid of your laptop screen, giving you a clean, tidy house in no time flat.

6 – Nutcracker

Everyone loves delicious fresh walnuts, but when they come in the shell, you might find yourself frustrated at how to get to the Omega-3 fatty acid goodness inside. Thankfully, yesterday’s old heavy laptops make for wonderful nutcrackers. Simply place one or more stubborn nuts on a hard surface, and then drop your beast of an old laptop onto the nuts. Presto! Fresh nuts for everyone to enjoy.

7 – Camping Stool

Got a long wait and tired feet? No problem. Old laptops make for perfect camping stools. Simply open them into the “V” position and set them on their side on a firm surface. Carefully squat on the laptop and now you can rest in comfort while other people gawk at you with unabashed envy.

Life which can be continued

If you’ve got an old laptop, and think even a computer and electronic repair specialist can’t save it, give the experts at Laptop MD chance. For years, they’ve been bringing old laptops back to life.