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About laptopmd

Located in Midtown Manhattan, near Times Square and Penn Station and serving all five boroughs, LaptopMD is a full-service computer repair company specializing in computer repair, iPhone repair and data recovery.

We believe in treating you right by offering completely free estimates on all repair jobs and, unlike Best Buy and Staples, we won’t start your repair job until you agree to the full price. Copycats can steal the name, but can’t imitate the respect, component level expertise, and positive press in outlets such as CNN, CBS & WSJ. For your convenience, we’re open late 6 days a week with access to all major subway lines.

Since we began in 1999, many other repair services have started in NYC, many of which have “borrowed” our theme. We were here first. Here’s the proof.

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Our Customers Come First

LaptopMD+ been in the business since 1999 with three locations in New York and New Jersey. We attribute our success to the fact that we believe that the customer always comes first. In everything we do, we strive to save our customers time and money. Learning new operating system and losing your applications and existing setup can be frustrating. We at LaptopMD get it. This is why we strive to fix your device quickly and efficiently.

Component Repairs Is Our Specialty

Component level repair is a dead art, but we specialize in this field. Soldering, schematics, microscopes, and oscilloscopes allow us to achieve 90% in all board level repairs. By fixing your device rather than simply replacing components, we save our customers money. Replacing system boards are expensive and often equivalent to a price of a new laptop. Simply put, we avoid replacements by performing repairs.

Most of the big service centers like the Apple Genius Bars and Geek Squad do not even replace parts in computers or laptops! They just do not have the knowledgeable staff to do it. Even if they did, they aren’t even interested in repairing your laptop or computer. They will tell you your laptop is dead and give you some astronomical price for repair but at the same time will offer you a new laptop that is on sale. The worst part is that most of the customers fall for it. The fact is that 70-80% of customers walking in for repairs end up walking out with a new laptop. At best, they can replace hard drive and complete simple data transfers providing the hard drive is accessible (and most of the time it’s not). Apple Genius Bars end up replacing a part and charge double or triple of what we would charge for same repair.

Our competition, the other local repairs shops, will fix your laptop by replacing parts, which is pricier then fixing the part. Big box retailers will make you wait days if not weeks for your repair to be completed. Many other local repair shops don’t even touch your laptop, they simply send it out for repair to a 3rd party. We specialize in same day/next day repairs. In fact, 60 to 70% of repairs can be done same day.

We Work Around Your Needs

We understand if you are a New Yorker or live in tristate area, you probably need your computer or laptop every day and cannot wait to get it repaired. We work around the customer, so we will perform temporary repairs in extreme cases, so our customers can work if we DO need to order a part for this particular job. We overnight parts if necessary. In these cases, we take extra measures that others simply do not do. We disable your touch screen so you can use your laptop while the glass is on order. We Lubricate your fan while a new fan is in transit because your old one just cannot be fixed. We give you a complimentary USB keyboard or mouse so you can work your laptop while new keyboard or touchpad is being overnighted.

Apple Genius Bar, Geek Squad, or any other local repair shop are forced to go by polices and regulations. Due to this, no same day or next day repairs are allowed. We are the first laptop and computer repair shop in NYC. See for yourself, just Google it! Our online reviews date back to 1999 and are still accessible on Citysearch.

20 to 30% of our customers do have warranty coverage, but you may already know that directly dealing with DELL, HP, LENOVO, ACER or similar is a nightmare. You must mail your device in, and that takes days if not weeks to get your laptop or computer back. They always say that before you mail it to the manufacturer, you must backup your data. How can you back up your data if your laptop or computer is broken? These manufacturers do not care. Simply put, if Genius Bars, Best Buy, Geek Squad or our competition would know how to service customer needs, we would NOT be in business.

We do it all. We can fix your projector, or vintage sound system. We recover your data from your hard drive, SD card, or flash drive. We can fix your Xbox, or smartphone, Ix tour apple watch, iPhone, Samsung smartphone, or even your Drone. This is what makes us helpful, valuable and needed. Check our reviews on Google, Yelp.

Our team

Why laptopmd?
Our customers love and trust the service that we provide. Here’s why:
Value: No computer or laptop repair company in New York City offers a better price and value to each customer, particulary with our free estimates on all repair jobs.
Reputation: Our past customers have shown their trust through their reviews, and member of the press including the Wall Street Journal have chipped in their accolades as well.
Trustworthiness: Our reputation and trust is strengthened by 3rd party backers like the BBB and Tech insurance as well as having been voted Best of Yelp in New York!
Convenience: We’re open late 6 Days a week and work through almost all major holidays to repair computers, Iphones and more for busy professional like you.
Speed: Our repair facility is located on-site and we specialize in quick turnaround times. Most repairs are finished in 24-48 hours and same-date service is always available!

Visit: certifications page to discover the LaptopMD+ advantage and many more reasons why customers keep coming back to us.

Price comparison
Laptop Repair and Desktop Repair Select Services
LaptopMD+ Staples Best Buy
Virus/Spyware Removal $99 $299.99+ $129.99+
Data Recovery 149+ $259.99 $249.99+
Laptop Screen Replacement 149+ $600.00* In Store Estimate
IPhone 6 Repair Select Services
Digitizer/LCD Repair $189 N/A N/A
iPhone 5S Repair Select Services
Digitizer/LCD Repair $89 N/A N/A
Battery Repair/Replacement $69 N/A N/A
iPhone 5 Repair Select Services
Digitizer Repair $79 N/A N/A
Fees & Estimates
Standart Turn Around Time 24 hours 3-4 Days 3-4 Days
Estimate Free Free N/A
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Prices represent typical service pricing, subject to change based on availability and job complexity as well as price updates by 3rd parties. See full price comparison for details.