Not only does LaptopMD provide the best Laptop repair service in the city, we also have used laptops for sale New York. We have various used Mac and Windows based laptops for sale at affordable rates. All of our Laptops have been extensively tested and examined before sale. They come with the latest antivirus software (On Windows laptops only) and a 30-day, no questions asked warranty!

All our used laptops for sale come with:

  • 30 day warranty
  • The latest Antivirus Software (Windows)
  • 50% off Data Transfer from old Laptop
  • LaptopMD Custom Setup

Why use Ebay or Craigslist for your used laptop purchase?

There is no certainty regarding the quality of any laptop you receive from an online source. You may order a laptop from someone across the country or from a craigslist user that breaks down in two months. What will you do then?

At LaptopMD, we don’t sell any Laptops that haven’t undergone proper diagnostics. We have serviced Laptops for 16 years, we know what quality looks like. If any problems should arise, you can take advantage of our warranty or come right back to our Manhattan offices for servicing.

We have no used laptops for sale at this time.
Check back soon to see our latest deals!

Many of our used Laptops for sale are essentially refurbished models, with new components added to boost their functionality. They all come with a clean copy of Windows or Mac OSX installed.

Not only do we sell affordable Laptops, we will transfer all of your old Laptop’s data to the new one at a 50% discount. Come buy high quality, low-priced used Laptops from LaptopMD today!

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