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A new deal is coming – iPhone 6 screen replacement

At LaptopMD, we’ve been treating any and all devices since 1999. We’ve always taken pride in the quality of our work and our technicians strive to keep every client satisfied. No matter what is wrong with your device, we will be happy to take a look at it and get the problem fixed.

As we’ve received hundreds of positive reviews from our customers, together with awards from some of the most prestigious tech publications, you will always have the assurance that your electronic devices are in good hands when you bring them in for service.

Here you are!

Did you drop your iPhone 6 and end up with a badly broken screen? Did your cat decide to use your phone’s screen as a scratching post and it now looks like a total mess?
Don’t worry, our iPhone 6 screen replacement service is now only $125 and lets you get your iPhone looking and working like new.
We can fix almost everything
LaptopMDis the top choice for smartphone repair services in the heart of Manhattan. If you have any problem with your mobile device, don’t hesitate to bring it in so that one of our qualified technicians can quickly get it to work perfectly again.
In addition to providing quality iPhone repair services, we can also fix laptop and desktop computers, tablets, MP3 players and more.