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Apple’s Below-cost Repairs Attack Small Computer Repair Shops

Why is Apple now providing repair service at or below cost?

Formerly, consumers needing a laptop repair would have to wait two weeks and pay $360+ for a hard drive replacement.

In September, a customer replaced a hard drive for $180, including parts and labor, with same-day service.

Previously, it cost consumers $99 to repair the iPhone’s glass cover, which took one hour in a repair shop. Apple did not offer screen repairs, nor provide accidental coverage as part of the standard warranty.

Instead, consumers were offered a refurbished phone for $199.

Now, the iPhone 5, with a bigger front glass screen, may be more vulnerable to crack, but Apple offers TWO replacements free in 2 years if there is accidental breakage.

The iPhone 5 is sold by AT&T for $200, but it actually costs MORE to produce. Therefore, cell phone carriers must pay the difference.

Apple, known for the legendary devotion of its customers, is acting like it is # 2 and trying harder, according to source Arthur Zilberman.

Zilberman has more than 15 years experience in computer repair and has operated Laptop MD, a laptop computer and iPhone repair center, since 2007 (LaptopMD.com and iPhoneRepairNY.com).

According to Zilberman, “Apple’s approach of offering below-cost repair is designed to drive small repair shops out of the market. It is impossible to charge less than Apple and cover parts, labor and overhead.”

Clearly, the main goal of Apple’s pricing strategy is to keep its customers under the Apple umbrella and keep them away from other vendors and repair shops. Apple is ready to sacrifice their profit margins just to keep the clients coming back ALL the time for ALL their needs, including repairs.

On the other hand, Zilberman notes that the outlet charger for the iPhone 5, is new and the charger used for older iPhone models and the iPad no longer serves the latest model. Consumers will have to replace their spare charger and auto charger, as well as any other accessories they had for iPhone 4 or 4s, such as cases.

Zilberman believes that he and other small repair shops can stay in business and fill in the niche that big box retailers always miss. “LaptopMD and iPhone Repair NY are known for faster turn-around, better prices, and personalized and dedicated customer service,” he declares.

To speak with Arthur Zilberman, please contact Janet Falk at 212-677-5770 or janet@janetlfalk.com