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Are Wearables Really Worth It?

Wearable technology is bound to usher in an entirely new experience for it’s users, but are the devices really worth the price? From the Google Glass to the the Apple Watch, wearable devices promise an extra level of convenience, but at what cost? Will the price-points scare away the casual crowd?

wearable technology

In this day and age, there are very few technological advances that could have the practicality and perceived necessity of a cell phone or MP3 player. Having a consistent line of communication is important, having a watch that keeps one from reaching in their pocket…less so.

The appeal of the Apple Watch and Google Glasses can almost be perceived as mirrors of the accessories they revolutionize. Some people are really into collecting sunglasses and watches, some people see zero need for them. Even if an accessory comes with unique features, it won’t mean much to people who don’t care to accessorize.

Modern smartphones do nearly everything, and now that they’re bigger, they’re destroying the feasibility of tablets. We’re nearing a future where core devices are so advanced that they’re all you need, especially considering the tremendous price tags of accessories.

The prevailing sentiment in most Apple Watch reviews are appreciation for the convenience of the device. It allows a user to check texts, emails and Apps without ever reaching for a phone. It’s an exciting prospect, but how many people are willing to pay upwards of 350 just to reach for their phone less?

There are some careers/lifestyles where any boost to productivity is paramount. There are also techies who have a table full of devices just to have them. That’s a decent market to start out with, but will wearable technology really break into the mainstream? It’s could be argued that much of the hype with wearables, like with tablets, is due to excitement about new technology. Once the luster wears off, the reality may loom that they’re not really necessary, especially at prime prices.