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Looking to buy a computer or laptop? We will help you save BIG.

Are you looking to buy a new laptop? In addition to repairing laptops and computers, our engineers know how to find the best deals for new laptops. If you’re not looking to buy new or are looking to rent a laptop, let LaptopMD help you too. We offer laptop rentals in the New York City area and we also sell used laptops at economical prices. Contact LaptopMD today.

For most consumers the simple choice is usually the most expensive choice. Two of the most popular brands on the market today are Dell and HP. Dell.com and HP.com will offer you a great interface and a pleasant shopping experience but what about value? With today’s age of personalization you can pick and choose almost every specification and tailor it exactly to your liking. However, if you’re a bargain consumer, there are quite a few options to buying a great laptop while still saving a whole lot of money. Below you’ll find some great tips and insight on purchasing a laptop computer without paying RETAIL.

Dell Popular Deals is a good start for finding a decent deal right on the Dell site. You’ll average a savings of $65-$135 plus a few freebies tacked on (free s/h, free memory upgrade, etc.)

HP offers a rival option called “Offers Finder”, providing their basic “open to the general public” deals with some freebies also tacked on.

Dell Outlet Shop provides three nice money saving options if you’re not looking for a totally brand new computer:

  • “Certified Refurbished” option: these laptops experience a thorough diagnostic process which brings them to all original factory specifications. You may see a few cosmetic blemishes, but they will not affect performance.
  • “Previously Ordered New” option: these laptops never actually saw any use. They might of been part of a canceled or returned order. No cosmetic damages should be present.
  • “Scratch and Dent” option: systems may have cosmetic blemishes but that would not affect performance. All vital parts of the computer such as keyboard or screen will be perfectly in tact and free of scratches.

For the best value, the scratch and dent option will save you considerably more than the other two. However the certified refurbished option will also save you anywhere from 15-30% off retail depending on models and availability.

Other great money saving tips and resources when looking to buy a new laptop or computer:

Edealinfo.com is one of the pioneers in providing the most money savings resources for Dell computers. They now offer great deals on Dell, HP, Sony, and Lenovo. Simply click on one of the tabs from their homepage and they will allow you to configure what specifications you are looking for. Only the deals with those specs will be shown. Their coupon page can also get you coupon codes for savings of 40-60%.

E-COST.com has bargain and clearance countdown with amazing deals on a variety of electronics. Laptops and netbooks are often discounted at nearly 50% of retail prices.

Notebookreview.com has a great deal page with quality laptops usually priced under $500. They also have great informational resources for people in the market for a new computer.

If you’re looking for a short term option LaptopMD offers a great laptop rental service. We are conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan and offer laptop rental service with time frames ranging from 1 hour to 90 day. LaptopMD’s laptop rentals can be outfitted with specific software that tailors to your specific needs.

If you’re ready for a purchase you’re probably thinking what to do with your old machine. LaptopMD offers a great buy back program which will literally gets you cash for a used or even broken laptop. Our certified technicians will diagnose the issues and tell you exactly how much your laptop is worth. Why throw out your laptop or bury it in your closet for a few years. Our buy back service will give you a fair market price and provide further advice on what new laptop would serve your specific needs.

Overall the best deals can be found on the sites above rather than the manufacturer’s websites. The savings are substantial and you don’t have to sacrifice quality for a good price. You’re still getting a brand name computer with savings not readily available to the basic consumer. If you’re in the market for even a better deal check out Laptop MD’s varying inventory of used laptops which have been restored to complete manufacturer’s standards. Contact us for details about selling your laptop to us.