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Sometimes you don’t need a full data recovery. Sometimes you just need to move data from here to there.

Maybe your computer died but the hard drive is still good and you need your files transferred to an external drive.

Maybe your external drive case is failing and you want to move your picture archives to your laptop. Whatever the case, LaptopMD+ can transfer your data between two different hard drives without having to do a full recovery.

This option has many benefits over a full recovery:

  • It’s faster – data recoveries can take days or weeks, moving usually takes less than 48 hours
  • It’s safer – data recoveries can’t be guaranteed, but a transfer from one good drive to another always works
  • It’s cheaper – data recovery usually starts at around $400 and can quickly hit the low $1000 mark. Transfers are much cheaper.

If you have a drive or a machine that looks like it might fail shortly, bring it in to LaptopMD+ for a data transfer. Just fill out our quote form or call us to get a free data transfer diagnosis and estimate.

Note: If you think your hard drive is about to fail, don’t attempt to perform a data transfer yourself. If the drive fails in the middle of the transfer, you can not only lose the original data but also corrupt the data on the receiving drive.

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