Mechanical Data Recovery Service

Mechanical Data Recovery Service In NYC

Not all data recovery problems stem from problems with the actual data. Sometimes, the problem is that something is physically wrong with your hard drive. Mechanical Hard Drive Recovery is significantly harder and costlier to repair than logical problems. This stems from the incredible care that must be taken when repairing or replacing components inside the drive. These components, primarily the heads (think of these as the needle on your record player, only magnetic) and the platters (these would be like the records, in the record player metaphor), are incredibly fragile and very sensitive to all manner of forces. As such, opening a hard drive to perform a Mechanical Hard Drive Recovery requires a dedicated clean room, kept free from dust and other debris that might damage internal components. Even an errant strand of hair can ruin a hard drive while it’s opened up.

The cost of a mechanical hard drive recovery depends on a couple of factors: the size of the drive, which internal parts went bad and how hard it is to find and replace them, and the size of the drive. Our mechanical recoveries start at around $400 and can go up fairly quickly.

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