SSD Repair Service

SSD Repair Service In NYC. The Best In Town

Solid state device technology is rapidly advancing with constant changes being made. Staying at the leading edge of technology offering SSD Repair is what we do.

SSD Repair on USB drives? Flash Drives or sometimes called thumb drives are basically the same as SSD. Differences are usually in the access time to the data where SSD are much faster than Flash Drives. Data handling use different algorithms also and we stay ahead here also so our flash data recovery is the best anywhere.

Solid State Devices use a logic structured file system totally different than standard hard drives. Using algorithms to place data on the nand chips and they must all be engineered into our recovery equipment. We stay ahead of everyone by constantly reverse engineering the different SSD and Flash drives that are manufactured and look for the changes in these devices that are already out since they constantly change. There are hundreds of differences already and we upgrade constantly so our SSD and Flash drive data recovery can handle the latest drives.

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