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Extended Warranty

WHY get a LaptopMD Extended Warranty or iCare plan?

An extended warranty is the best way to protect your computer. Think of it like insurance for your laptop. We understand that your laptop is important to you and we want to make sure you have the protection you need to keep it safe. You’ve already trusted us to take care of your laptop, now let us help you make sure it stays in working order!

In addition to our regular extended warranties, our iCare iDevice accidental damage plans are a great way to protect your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch against cracked screens or other damages! At half the price of Apple’s AppleCare, you’re getting a great deal that you can count on! Keep reading for more specific details below!

WHAT’s covered by the extended warranty plans?

Each extended warranty plan is a little different. Some extended plans cover accidental damage, others do not. Some of the plans have a “per incident” repair fee of $20-40, others are free! Some plans have a maximum amount of covered incidents, others are unlimited! In general, when you buy an extended warranty plan, you are extending the warranty coverage on a specific repair job.

For example: Let’s say that your computer was overheating and you came into our shop and got your laptop fan replaced. We’ll give you our standard 30 day warranty, but you can also purchase an extended warranty. If you bought a 1 year extended warranty, it would cover the original problem (overheating) and the new fan for 12 months from the original repair!

Click on any of repair services below to find out more information about the extended warranties available for that service!

WHAT’s covered by your iCare iDevice Accidental damage plans?

iCare coverage plans cover cracked screens and other accidental damages to your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad. Similar to Apple’s AppleCare, an iCare coverage plan extends the life of your iDevice by protecting it from damage. Coverage plans do not cover the entire device, but protect against many common repair problems, including cracked screens but excluding water damage.

Click on any of the iDevices below to find out more information about the iCare coverage plans available for that device!

WHEN can I buy one?

You can buy an extended warranty package in our office at the time of pickup, or wait a few weeks and buy one over the phone. Our extended warranty packages are valid for purchase up to 30 days after your original repair!

Looking for an iCare iDevice accidental damage plan for your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad? Those can be bought anytime – even if you’ve never had the device fixed with us! Just bring your device into our office so our techs can inspect the iDevice’s original condition, and we’ll set you up with our legendary iCare coverage plan!

WHO can buy one?

Any current, former, or future LaptopMD customer can purchase an extended warranty package or iCare Accidental damage plan! So that means YOU!

HOW do I get one?

If you’re interested in buying an extended warranty package that excludes accidental damage, and it’s been within 30 days of your original repair, you can give us a call and buy one over the phone! If you’re purchasing an extended warranty package that includes accidental damage coverage (like our iCare plans), then you’ll just need to stop by our office anytime and let our technicians inspect your laptop or iDevice.

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