Misc Laptop Hardware Repair

We do miscellaneous and other laptop hardware repairs

Just because we don’t have a dedicated page for your laptop hardware problem doesn’t mean our expert techs can’t fix it. Here are just some of the additional services we offer:

Broken Plastic and Plastic Pieces Repair – Your laptop case is made up of many little plastic components. If one of them breaks, we can repair or replace it.

Laptop Cover Replacement – Covers are very susceptible to cracking, breaking, and otherwise deforming. Don’t worry, we can replace them.

Laptop Bezel Replacement – The decorative bezels around your keyboard, touchpad, or screen can break easily. We’ll replace it with an original factory part for perfect fitment and look.

Keyboard Key Replacement – We’ll match your keys and buttons perfectly, so the fit is just right and the feel is perfect.

Audio Jack Repair – Don’t get left without sound. Let our technical pros fix your laptop power jack and get back to rocking out.

Palm Rest Repair – A bad palm rest can be horrible on your hands, making typing difficult and uncomfortable. We’ll replace a broken palm rest with a factory original.

Power Button Repair – Broken laptop power buttons can be incredibly frustrating. Let us repair or replace your power button for smooth start-up and shut-down.

Other Repairs – Don’t see your problem here? Don’t worry. Stop by or fill out our free quote form, and our techs will let you know if we can do it and how much it’s going to cost for free.

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